Preparation, During and After A Session

Every Session is completely unique. All sessions are created within the time frame that they are made. There is no protocal I go by, an agenda, or a regular routine to follow. Sessions are intuitively guided and created in the moment we meet.

I do offer many different modalities. Where as some practitioners are specialized in only one area, I am specialized in many. And, what I have done is created a way to integrate them within a session as they are needed, or narrow in on one of them if something shows up that it needs that one specific modality to adhere to.

Everything is within the description of Healing, but there are so many forms of Healing out there, that most people could be a professional in a completely different area without knowing anything about the other. I do not know all modalities, however, I have been guided to use my intuition as needed when a situation arises to call upon a tool that I have available at my disposal.

If you are looking for something specific, it is important that you tell me what that is. And, if you don't know what is best to receive, then telling me your specific situation or circumstance, is the best way I can know what direction to go. Everything I do is perfectly guided and delivered, and as the moments change, how you feel, what your inspired by and what you are called to, so does the direction of a session. Sessions are like art. I let what come through me come through, and in the moment you surrender to me, the canvas can then be built!

What is Authentic Healing?

Authentic - being real, honest and true - being straightforward about what is said or done.

I want you all to know that everything I have on my site(s) is completely accurate. Everything I say is true. Everything I offer is exactly what I offer, and everything that is written is written from me; not copied from anyone, or rewritten in my own words, but actually written and authored by myself.

I am a true Healer, and have been on this path for over 15 years. Actually I started connecting to the Healing Arts not just when I was 21, but in fact when I was in middle school and even going as far back as the 1st grade. It is in my nature to look out for and nurture others. I was the big sister of three younger brothers and always had a job as a babysitter as a child. For me, being responsive to those in need is something I have pleasure in, and when there are times I don't get back to you right away, it is only because I need to fill my cup up from my multiple jobs (mother, Healer and personal journey).

I want you to know that you can spend eons looking for other Practitioners to help you, and give you a Healing Session, and they may or may not help you, but the Sessions I offer to clients are truly to help them. I am like the Intuitive Surgeon of the Healing Arts and can tune in to exactly what is needed in the exact moment you come to see me. There is no playing around here, and there is nothing to hide. It can be simple, or it can be complicated, but what I am here for is to truly help you. I may have other creative sides to me that are a part of who I am inside, but for me to truly do my life's purpose, I keep on doing this work, and make myself available to you in whatever way you need.

You are awesome and if you have found me here, there is a reason. Please contact me and let me know what your inspirations are and what YOU are passionate about!!!

Namaskar! (the same as Namaste, but from a different part of india)
meaning - I honor and acknowledge the divine in you as you honor the divine in me!

Preparation for Opening & Expanding

***What to do before a Session, Class, Gathering...!!!***

There are several things you can do to prepare yourself before a session.

First there is preparing the mind:

You could start with educating yourself on several subjects.

 The Mastery of Love, by; Don Miguel Ruiz
The Awakening of Kundalini, by: Gopi Krishna
Tantra; the Art of Conscious Loving, by: Charles & Caroline Muir

Second there is preparing the body:

  • You could go and get a regular massage at a salon or any practitioner of your choice. 
  • Take a yoga class; any you are drawn to, vinyasa yoga, ashthanga yoga, bikram yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, kripalu yoga, iyengar yoga, power yoga, classic yoga, any yoga for beginners, athletes, or anything that inspires you. (I am also happy to offer you a private 1/2 hour or 1 hr yoga class before our session)
  • Take a tantra workshop in NY, NJ or join the beginnings of the tantra community here in Philadelphia for training you into the practices of tantra. These will be announced and are by invitation only. 

And, third there is preparing the spirit:
  • A regular routine of a meditation on the breath, the chakras, the energy field or cleansing the mind or spirit would be an excellent practice to do before a session. I will add a post on a chakra meditation here.
  • Any of the practices here will also prepare you. 

You are also welcome to join my classes as they are now in the birthing process and will continue getting stronger throughout the year. Locations will be announced soon.


Before you Arrive, I LOVE:

Candles and Chocolate!

love large candles; the bigger the better - the more the better. Big candles can last for about 6 months and this is the best gift I could get.
White in color of purity is the best color for candles, but all colors have symbolic meanings and frequencies of healing.

Candles enhance my sessions, they add an element of spirituality to the room and are a great tool for meditation and healing!

And as far as chocolate - dark chocolate is awesome and the richer, smoother and creamier the better. I also LOVE milk chocolate as long as I have it in moderation!

Fruit and veggies are also an amazing contribution if you have these or can get them easily.

Incense, especially sandalwood, nag champa, or patchouli!

During A Session

What should I expect during/from the session?
Answer: Each person that comes to me has different intentions, needs, desires, concerns, expectations, issues and things they are dealing with in their life. When you come to the session with a clear understanding of who you are and what you are wanting to work on, you will get deeper clarity in the area you are most passionate about having a resolution or breakthrough in. When you are unclear of what you need, we will spend some time discovering the source of your concerns and intentions in order to discover what we need to work on. 

This site
explains all the layers and philosophies of Healing and what it entails. When you explain to me clearly as to what it is you need, we can start with that. You do not need to know or understand all of healing in order to receive the benefits. I will only know where to take you into the session after meeting you in person, and feeling your energy, where you are open or blocked and what it is you need and your goals you want to create. Once we start this dialogue, all we need to do is get started.

There is an element of meditation, but it is through the breath; breathing deeply into your own body, allowing the breath to awaken your sensations, awaken any blocks in your body and feel alive to what it is that has been sleeping. It all depends on the goals when we meet. Every moment changes, as our thoughts, needs, desires, inspirations and mind is always changing with new ideas! And, as we grow on the journey, the layers that get revealed and uncovered to us alter and shift our perceptions of life.

After A Session

You will walk away feeling refreshed, accepted, loved and fulfilled in whatever area it is you are looking for. You will know yourself to be truly accepted for who you are. You will feel filled with love, the experience of being nurtured and will know you deserve to be loved fully, honored for who you are, and accepted for all of who you are and all of who you are not. 

You will walk away feeling pampered, taken care of, listened to, and a deep feeling of relaxation and inner peace.

You may feel a deep sensation of bliss for several days after the session. If you have questions or comments about your experience, or need support, feel free to call me or email me.

I may offer you exercises, reading material or practices to do for your journey after you are back on your own. 

May you be fully nurtured and loved in every situation you find yourself in.