Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Blessings Beloveds

Hello all,

I've truly missed everyone who I have seen in the past and would SO love to meet with you again! I am still doing my work and would love to let EVERYONE know that I've merged everything over to TRUETANTRA.NET, and to find me there!!!!! Have an awesome, deliciously rich and fabulous day!!!! Call me on my new number 631-913-8572, and come visit me. I still would love to see you!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving All Sites to True Tantra

Goddess Blessings of love and light to anyone who has ever been here or who has wondered what has happened to this blog!

As many of you know, I have a vision to turn a lot of blogs into books, and this blog has been dwindled away. However, I wanted to let anyone who may come across this post know that I am merging all my blogs from all other blog urls' as well as all my sites into one site called TrueTantra.net. I am still building this site, however, all posts from this blog, MyLoverMyBestFriend.wordpress.com, as well as UniversalWizdom.wordpress.com, AsttarteDevaYoga.wordpress.com, as well as a couple others will all be imported over to the new wordpress site!

It's been an interesting three years since the beginning of my health crisis, to realizing I needed to move, to getting back with my son's father, to then separating again, and to then completely changing the way I did my sessions and merging a more professional practice to offer those who truly want to do their personal work! There's a fine distinction between working with those who don't want any tantra and solely doing emotional and spiritual healing to those who want intense red tantra and only have a sexual experience. I am not defining how I'm doing my sessions to the pubic as I had, however, each person has their own story and their own needs and we will discover together what they are and how we can best serve those needs to get them met. For those who find me here, I'll meet you on the other side!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your Partners (Sexual) Needs vs Yours

When we make our partners needs, and in particular their sexual needs, more important than our own, we lose ourselves in the pursuit in making them happy. We may think we are helping them and doing them a favor, however, they were not originally attracted to us because we gave up our power, passion, and drive for them. In essence, we lose our control, our life force and our value for living when we give in always to someone else's needs.
When we let go of control, and surrender to someone else's it does something to our spirit, our heart, our relationship with the other person, but also the relationship to ourselves and all the other relationships in our lives. We get lost in the mess of the relationship and become something; someone else. It's like the expression "trying to fit a square peg into a round hole" and it never works!
It is important to honor someone else's feelings, beliefs, opinions and needs, however, not at the expense of your own, and in particular not at the expense of one's own life. Sometimes we can forget who we are, and forget ourselves during that drive to make someone else happy. However, if the other person, your partner, does not honor, value and hold your own feelings, needs, beliefs and opinions up high and shuns them, ignores them and just quietly smiles that he (or she) is getting everything they need and want and avoiding you, the relationship is not worth staying in.  In psychological terms, one might call that a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship, but on more common terms, the relationship is just not healthy, and definitely not balanced.
There MUST be balance for a relationship to work. There must be a healthy give and take, and if someone is getting something at the expense of the other person and incapable of seeing how they are hurting the other person, only doing their best to manipulate, coerce and control them, it is definitely a toxic relationship.
Sometimes people have to throw themselves into the fire over and over again until they finally learn their lesson, and finally learn that what they are doing to themselves might be harming them. I threw myself into the fire, and did it again and again, until I truly got the lesson. "My life is NOT about someone else; it is about myself, and no one can save you but yourself! My life is about living NOW; not next year; not next month and NOT in ten years. It is about today; for today is all we have!" And when we give up our passion to make someone else happy, and in particular to make sure they do not become unhappy or angry, it is definitely considered abusive! I am on clear alert that after all the power surged through me to stand up for myself, I am moving to the place of standing up for others as well. I claim the position to be a stand for all women and children to be protected and loved, and that men truly get the help they need when they need it, and for all to open their hearts to surrender to their truth and look inside for the answers!
Make your life your own, and on occasion hold someone else's hand, (but not at the expense of yours)!

Spiritual Sex vs Erotic Sex - What is the difference?

Monday, January 13, 2014

When Someone's Sexual Needs Are More Important Than Your Own

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Power of Being in Integrity

Hello Beloved friends, Healers and Seekers,

What does the word Integrity mean to you? Think about it. Integrity. In regards to what? Your work, your career, your relationship, your family, your home, your environment, etc. Being in integrity means honoring your word, doing what you say and saying what you mean, doing what feels right, joyful and peaceful to your entire "self", completing the past where integrity was out, resolving issues within that are causing the self to lack integrity from inside yourself. Doing, having and being all that you want to be and having it all line up perfectly.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Published Writings - to my Regular Readers

I just wanted to send off a quick note to let everyone know of my published writings page on my tantra site, and my Asttarte site.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude Discount and MORE!!!

Blessings Beautiful Beings,

Today is a special day; a special time, where we celebrate our appreciation and gratitude for our loved ones, our friends and those who have been there all along!

I want to take today as an opportunity to thank all of you who have been devoted to me; my loyal aspirants, and seekers on the path, and those who ravish in the idea of tantric glory! I am grateful to those who are open; open to receiving and open to giving, and those who follow through on their word.

As we prepare time to eat our special turnkeys, (and some to-furkeys), let us marvel in the idea of joy for our fellow man; our co-creators in this life, and celebrate community and friendship.


Tantra Training Program
I am brewing some ideas of creating a Tantra Training Program for old and new clients and offering Certificates to those who join me on the journey of Spiritual Training and Enlightenment. There would be levels of your development and Phases of the Training, and you would receive a Certificate upon your completion. This idea is still in the works, and I will consult with my devotees and partners and let you know the outcome as this potential project develops!

Tantra Crystal Mala Beads
I am in the process of purchasing items for making my very own Tantra Crystal Mala Beads, and once I become comfortable with making a completed piece of jewelry, I will make the announcement, and feel closer to sharing this gift to those who would like specially made crystal jewelry for their personal healing and may turn these pieces into Tantra beads, with tantric charms and crystals for arousing the kundalini, for those who wish to enhance their spiritual development, and create peace within on a daily basis!

Free Weekends
I am NOW free every OTHER weekend for the entire weekend. This is a new schedule for me, and it is opening a door to do potential full day Sessions, or at the least Sessions in the evenings or days on those scheduled weekends, and will also have the ability to re-open a Meetup Group, OR teach Tantra Workshops and Spiritual Workshops with other Teachers on the weekends I have free!

Skype Video Phone Coaching Sessions
The time has come for all of our busy lives, to come to a new way of receiving healing, coaching and training, and video calls are the new wave of the future. The payment process for this feature is still in the works, but the ability to offer Sessions via Skype is available now!
Description will be Announced on my Website! AsttarteDeva.com

Feel free to call me about any of these Services mentioned above! 631-913-8572

And have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Tantric Gift

As some of you know, I've been getting back into my love for crystals since I was a child. I've been collecting new crystals for my alter, my own healing and for clients. And I placed an order for a few necklaces from Singapore, with one beautiful light blue mala as a gift. And the woman who was selling these had asked me out of the blue if I would know anyone who would like a few charms from another culture with a foreign language on it, and a Temple I had never heard of. I had accepted and said if I couldn't use them, that I knew friends who could. Well, the package arrived today (after about 3 weeks since this conversation and order). I ended up opening the gift package first, and what came out of the bag blew my eyes wide open. As a Tantra Practitioner, I like surprises and can certainly handle them, and today I was a little stunned and am still laughing about it. I pulled out of the neatly packaged bag with bows and tissue paper, a set of 7 or 8 tiny little ligham charms, or in English, little tiny charms that look like penises. They are a brass or other metal with little inscriptions on the sides, and from some high energy Temple I don't know where, but I'll certainly do some research to find out. The next surprise were these large wooden size lingham's (penises) nicely packaged in a sealed plastic bag, to use for beading or other such crafting.  And 2 Phra Rahu Dragon Charms.

I suppose this woman did not know the depths of my Tantric Practice, but these little gifts from the universe are a perfect metaphor and symbol that I am doing the work I am supposed to be doing, and a nice little boost to the kundalini sexual energy as well!

Rahu is the Dark Goddess in Buddhism, like Kali is to Hindu's. In Jyotish Astrology there is the Rahu and Ketu period one must overcome in each person's lifetime. Coming to the end of this period is a celebration, as this is something I myself am doing right now, but while going through it, it does take a LONG time, and honoring the darkness of life, and surrendering to those who help support it, is an act many Budddhists and Hindu's understand as a natural part of life.

Here is one similar to the metal lingham that look like the ones I have. You'll have to wait until you come visit with me again to get a closer look! It fits perfectly with my Kali, Ganesh and Tree of Life Charm necklace!

Thank you Universe!

Here are some links reflective of the beads and gifts:




Add No not professionally done; reminds me that is something important to do soon!
Namaste Beloveds!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moon in Scorpio - Psychic Tantra - Updates!

As the moon phases into full and new, each day, or two, or three days it changes the energetic vibrations on the planet.  As the energies changes, so too does the astrological sign of the moon, and  we move into a new vibration feeling its power and a new frequency that sometimes controls how we feel, act, think and behave. Today and yesterday we were vibrating in the energy of Scorpio, and it usually is one of my favorite moon signs the moon is phased in. The time of the moon in Scorpio, we are often in an intense place of depth for anything that we are passionate about. It is a time of mysticism, have higher prophetic visions or abilities, desire to go deeper into ourselves and discover how we feel or what it is we want. It is also a time of intense passion and sexual desires or pleasures. When the moon is in Scorpio, it is often a time of GREAT sex, and deep love making, as we are influenced and motivated to feel more passionate than normal and driven to go deeper into anything in which we love.

We also may wish to seek solitude, being alone to feel all of ourselves; loving ourselves solely in self love practices, or gentle meditation, and going deeper into our art or work and discover solutions to our work's, or life's problems via a deeper psychic ability than normal.

I am truly feeling deep gratitude at this time of my existence and ascension, and know all the profound work I have done on my-self, has truly paid off, as I feel in a place of integration and balance greater than ever before. I am feeling harmonious, and utter self love and am more able to be supportive to myself and others than ever before. My psychic visions are rising and my psychic impressions are deepening. Whatever it is that you need, I can draw from my own power and bring out the characters or energies that will support those who need me. In a sense, I can be like a Chameleon, and change to match what others need. If you put a group of people together in one room who know me, they may all have a different experience of me since I can match and draw out of myself the energies that will match and support where they are in their growth or their personal needs. My psychic channels are high during a Session, and whatever someone needs, my spirit will know and I will sense how to support them, and in this way, I either raise my vibration and offer sexually charged Sessions, or I may tone the energies down and be softer, gentler and kinder as they may be sensitive or emotionally hurt, or I may meet them somewhere in the middle. 

As the moon is in Scorpio, and moving to Sagittarius, I am moving from intense spiritual depth and Sexual energy (although this is always the case), to the more independent leadership like qualities of Sagittarius. I am truly grateful for all the love and support over these past few months and have acquired new Sea Salt lamps; that act like Air Purifiers, and new De-humidifiers to help eradicate the air issues here, and maintain a balance of pure breath and powerful health. What's next to come are Orgone's, as in orgone therapy to raise the vibration even higher and offer another level of healing I have not given before. I also plan to acquire a set of Chakra Flat Stones to give Chakra Healing in our Tantra and Coaching Sessions, and a Chakra Pendulum to help you see with greater understanding the energies I just know need balance, and teach what I know in a more practical way.  Not everyone may have my psychic gifts, and only get a hunch, and I now want to truly give you healing that will make a HUGE difference in your life for the long term.

I celebrate you as you have gifted me with YOUR presence for the many years past, and whatever years you choose to join me in the future!

Blessings and Love to ALL!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I Love Coconut Oil

Have you ever heard of Coconut Oil as a substitute for erotic lubricant? Why would someone consider this as even a possibility? What are the benefits of using Coconut Oil?

Most people use lubricants such as KY jelly, or other such synthetic made lubricants commonly found at the Drug Store or Grocery Store. However, these stores don't know what the best naturally made products are for someone and usually sell the run of the mill company made or products that can made at a lower such with a higher volume. However, the extra couple dollars for Coconut Oil, has SO many added benefits, I wanted to write a specific post just for this.

What Coconut Oil is to me:

Coconut Oil is an organic natural oil that actually feels like magic when you place it on the body. It is made for cooking, so naturally it is something that is good for the inside of the body. But not only is it good for cooking, but good for your skin and your pleasure! The oils made of Coconuts when found as Organic Extra Virgin feel so unbelievably delicious on the body, you can literally moan with pleasure with the slightest touch just slowly rubbing it on the skin. AND, it smells and tastes delicious. I LOVE putting it on my partner, and then slowly licking it with my tongue. Talk about arousal at its best!

However, Coconut Oil, I feel is best used when giving yourself pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it is ALSO amazing when giving delicately and intimately with someone you care about, so long as you are giving them the ultimate and divine attention. However, when alone, and you want to give yourself love, treat yourself as though you are the perfect lover, and make love to yourself with Coconut Oil. I promise you, you will never have had an experience like this before. It forces you to go inward with its rich aroma, and as this aroma goes into your body it slowly nourishes you from the inside out. It actually is a very powerful healing oil and is used often in India for Healing the body. And, it is an oil commonly found in Tai Food; which I ABSOLUTELY love; a rare treat you don't want to give up when you're in the mood!

First you want to scoop up the oil in the bottle, as it is cold and firm from being in the room temperature. THEN, you want to squeeze it into your hands and let it melt on your fingertips. After it has melted in your hands, then it is the perfect time to rub it on your body. You don't want to wait until it melts too much, because then it will turn like water and will be too liquid. Rub it caressingly and slowly over your belly, your inner thighs and let your body feel the sensation of your skin touching skin. It feels like silk running across your body, and it is such a divine experience! Sometimes the sensation of just rubbing it on the skin without going anywhere too personal is fulfilling enough and you feel as though you are utterly satisfied. Although, there is more to come.

When you are ready to pleasure your body in more depth, don't forget to massage your chest, your arms, your belly, your hips and your pubic bone area. This helps stimulate your senses to help open you up to a richer experience. Then when you are ready to be fully satisfied, remember to move as though your breath is moving you. Don't try to rush or speed up the process; otherwise, you've lost the joy of the pleasure and satisfaction becomes like a 5 minute quicky. Take your time. Massage yourself with this Coconut Oil for 30 minutes or even hours if you like, but you will feel fulfilled and totally in love with the Coconut Oil, and yourself when you are done! And, at this point, you can't tell anyone you don't love yourself, because you have given yourself the gentle time that your body and heart really needed. If your lover isn't around to take care of you, that's ok. This is sometimes better than sex!

The Best Types of Coconut Oil:

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
The ones best for cooking!
Be sure to read the labels!
If you look closely, it may even say great for massages!

Expeller Pressed is also ok, but Extra Virgin is a little finer and smoother!

I have been using Coconut Oil is my Sessions with clients and myself the past few months and the experiences have been delicious!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Remembering Rama!!!

(Sharing of Rama Bala on Commonground Fellowship)

One of my best friends just recently passed away.

I am still in total shock of his passing. I found out on Thursday, Dec. 15th, in a text message. I was just waiting for him to get out of a rehab center. He was on his way to health, and he was embarrassed to have me see him the way he was, and requested powerfully for me to not visit him. I now wish I didn't listen to him.

We spoke over the phone often throughout his entire journey to recovery and I feel as though the doctors who were treating him didn't really know how to treat him; they were unsure of what his real diagnosis was and he was treated like a guinea pig. I remember talking to him about filing a complaint on food poisoning to the Health Department as this is what triggered the start of the illness. I may want to follow up on this for him.

This is very sad news for all of us who knew him. Who he was for me was someone who truly cared about humanity and people. He was one of the most kind and loving people I've ever known, and some of the kindness that would come out of him would completely blow me away. He honored, respected and appreciated me more than anyone I've ever known. In truth, he adored me and it was a closeness I haven't had in a very long time. We were incredible friends and he looked up to me often to help him in his relationships.He was someone that always had a smile on his face, but deep down he was really sad and lonely.

People appreciated him, respected him and looked up to him as a teacher. He was an incredible musician; a genius, and has been performing all over the world for the past decade. I just found out last night that his father who taught him everything he knew is a legend in music in India and in the United States and his compositions are all around the world. And my dear friend shared that knowledge with everyone he knew.

He performed in a band with David Newman and he would often come home from being on tour and spend some time with me. He would share with me the difficulties he had with his friend David, but my dear friend Rama never once judged him or made him wrong for who he was. He was incredibly loyal and devoted to the people in his life. He is known by many in the Yoga Communities, as well as some of those in Common Ground.

The past year and 1/2 he started teaching music to young children and a few of his students were at the memorial last night. I got to share with them what he meant to me in private and they shared with me what he meant to them. He was deeply loved, and he will be very very missed.

I will be in communication with his family and available to support them in their time of grieving. I know his father is impacted the most, and I feel more sad for him than anyone. Rama was supporting him in his own health and taking care of him. Now his father is at a treatment center and is being cared for by nurses. My heart is open to his whole family, and my heart has been blown open because of this. I will be grieving for perhaps some time as well.

May you all please pray to him. He is still here hanging around on the Earth realms and is easily available in Spirit when called upon. I know he trying to make sense of all of this as well!

I'm sorry to be writing this to you this late. There was a memorial service for him this past Friday, Dec. 16th at Jai Yoga Studio and on Saturday evening at Yoga on Main in Manayunk, PA. I was grieving deeply all weekend, so to those who are just getting this message, please know my heart is with you. If you wish to reach out to me, or want to connect to anyone who was impacted, feel free to let me know!

Much Love, Asttarte

Teardrop Blues by Cattie

Sharing of Rama Bala on facebook!

It's been so many years that I've had someone this close to me die in my life; not since I was a young child. And, for one thing I am grateful in this moment is the opening he has brought to me in my heart. He is reminding me of the love I have for those I have closed my heart to, or have lost touch with for some time. I am forever grateful and look forward to connecting to you on the Astral Realm Rama! Rama Rama Bolo Jai Jai Sita Rama Bolo! Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Sri Krishna Govinda Hare......Hare Rama. Hare Rama. Sri Rama. Jai Rama. My Beloved Rama! Ommmmmm Love to you!!! (imagine music lyrics to this as you read).

Rama Bala is not the one singing in the video above. It is David Newman's composition from the Kirtan Yoga and Music Community here in Philadelphia I've been a part of for about 10 years. However, Rama is a Musical GENIUS and helped David on many levels become the success he is today. Rama's father taught him everything he knows and is considered a Musical Legend here in the States and in India and has compositions in Ashrams, Temples and places ALL over the Globe! Rama and I played music together often and I was VERY close to recording with him. Perhaps this will inspire to share my musical voice with someone else, in devotion of my friend Rama! I am still trying to accept this myself. I wrote a blogpost on this in my other Spiritual Community, http://CommongroundFellowship.com/. Part of this blogpost is a copy.

Please celebrate this amazing beings life with me! He passed recently, from food poisoning! Please take this as a reminder of what we put in our bodies, and how important it is to use caution when putting food in the body. This is a time of deep grief right now. Please pray for Rama, his family, friends and myself and that we accept this loss easily and with love! I love you all and am thinking of you!

I will forever remember him during the Christmas and Hanukkah Season!

Much Love, Asttarte

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Protecting Your Sexy

You know the sayings, "Sexy is as sexy does~" and "You are who you hang around!"

Well, what do you do when all of the people you hang around or the person you sleep with (or are in a relationship with for that matter) is not letting you be your sexy and is holding you down?

How long do you let the people in your life hold you back? Do you keep hanging out with the same friends, or support them to help them open up to their potential? Do you stay in a relationship with a partner who has no sex drive and try to burst their bubble and open them up to you, or do you walk?

These are questions many contemplate. The people in your life are people you care about. You want to be happy with them. You want to grow with them. You don't want to hurt them by walking away, or yourself from having to grieve them and start the whole dating process all over again. But, do you ever question, is STAYING worth it? And, am I really being my full authentic self with this person? Will he/she EVER truly get me? How long am I willing to sacrifice my passion, my identity, my purpose?

As a VERY sexy and passionate person myself, I have asked these questions MANY times, and in the past unsuccessfully left a relationship only to be sucked back into it again. I realize the power that was lost in the process; the giving away of my own power, my own identity, and as I stand here and reclaim my true self again, it is so liberating and freeing to detach from someone who sucks the life out of you; literally!!!

But what do you do, if they try to convince you "OH, I know you love me!!!" or "Oh, hunny, we're meant to be together!" or "Baby, I need you!" "I'm nothing without you." or worse, if they demand you stay with them, "You HAVE to be with me." or perhaps if they do it secretly and unknowingly by manipulating your thoughts or beliefs and try to control you. How long will you let this continue going on? At some point, the manipulation HAS to stop, and the truth WILL set you free! YOU know you HAVE to walk, and no ounce of convincing will change your mind. You are ready, you are clear, and you set yourself free! This is a battle, I like to call, Protecting Your Sexy, because as time goes by, your sexiness elopes you when you stay, and when you detach, your sexiness flies!!! Only then do you see the truth, the cycle and can finally take a stand for yourself, protect your self, and walk away!

Some relationships just don't work, and some people in our lives are meant to be with us for a certain period of time, and when they keep holding you back from your true self, you know, the time has come!

I am here now, Protecting my own sexy! Do you care to join me in the quest?

I've learned some great new tools the past few weeks in Tantra, and I am available, here and would love to see you!

Here's to your sexiness, your passion, and your life!!! Cheers!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Taoist Tantra & Intimacy Retreat

Hi guys (and gals). I'm sorry to announce that I'm writing to you AFTER coming back from this Retreat, but all that has been going on all summer left me MIA, and I've been working through some of my own personal journey that I neglected to let you all know of this, prior to its happening. However, it was a private invitation, and a VERY small group of people.

NOW, I get to tell you of its happenings and the amazing experience received during this time!

First off, this happened in Caanan, NY, ALL the way at the tippy top of New York state right next to Massachusetts, and YES, I drove up there, alone! I wanted to drive to see all of the visions and settings across the land and get a feel for the energy up there, and re-kindle my desire to move to NY myself! I have a passion for the mountains, for nature, rocks and waterfalls. I do love the ocean and the beach, but I REALLY LOVE the mountains and the deep settings of the Earth! Just being in these areas
heightens my sensation for pleasure, for
bliss and a connection to Gaia, Nature Spirits and the Divine! There is nothing like it!

So, what was THIS Retreat like? Ahh, aren't all Tantra Vacations and Trainings amazing? Yes, they are, and this was NO exception! The purpose of this event was much different than my Beloved Baba Dez's Daka Dakini Conferences. Dez has practically no limits or boundaries in his trainings, and yet they offer an extraordinary experience filled with love, divinity and bliss. Where-as this event, was lead by Anton from Sexy Spirits in NY, a friend of mine I love, admire and adore! And he brought his gorgeous and sexy wife, and they both shared their love with all of the participants. It's SO amazing to see how a powerful Couple, that unconditionally give to each other, and ravish in each others pleasures and fantasies can be so fulfilling to their inner self and to a community at large! It was awe-inspiring! My dream man would be someone such as him; a Leader of a Tantric Community himself and completely Mastered the Art of Love, Pleasure and Orgasm! Yes, these beings take YEARS of training. It is not your hand me down, run of the mill training of being a horny teenager and growing up just adoring sex and touching a woman. It is a whole different ball game!

1). We learned how to pleasure a woman in an entirely different and loving fashion; one that did not include ejaculation and full blown orgasm, but one that included intimacy, patience and gentle orgasms that were stopped prior to its height; keeping the flame going for minutes or hours. And, the men just surrendered into giving, and were trained in this fashion so as to allow the woman he gave to, to experience what it felt like to be trusted and safe in his arms. There were three positions he practiced; the breast massage, the Do Date, and a position I don't know the name of, but where she was gently guided to lay over his legs face down with her legs wrapped around his waist as he practiced helping her open her energy in her entire rib cage, lower back and buttocks. All positions were done with MANY pillows, and we were trained how to recognize when someone would need a pillow, and to what degree.

2). Naked Yoga every morning! How joyful and relaxing and fun! Then we ran to the back where a stream filled with large rocks and small waterfalls overlapped the earth. The men graciously and gently guided us all through the water as we went to a deep part in the creek and jumped all the way in to let the water cover our entire bodies; naked and freezing! Wow, what a rush!

3). Tantra Tango; need I say more! You could wear as little or as much as you wanted and swing those hips around to step-step! (Yes, I later realized my sarong was in the way!)

4). Organic Food! We were seriously treated like Kings and Queens!

5). Cuddling with whoever you wanted in each series of practices in the Group Setting!

6). Energy Cleansing and Honoring the Self Ritual. I went into full body waves as I was finally given permission to be my true self and let all the muck from here in Philadelphia, just disappear and dissipate away from me!

7). Good Bye, but not good bye! We were all invited to Anton and Rita's soon to be official wedding that is to be scheduled within 6 months! This is now another one of my Beloved Tantra Communities, I dare not stray too far away from! Coming to this event, was my coming home!

If anyone is interested in being my trainee or receiver of this Taoist Art, please let me know. Guys and ladies!

I will share more with you of the summer coming soon!

Love you All, and NO, I have NOT stopped doing this work and don't plan to; ever!

Check out: http://www.sensualloveandintimacy.com/ for more info on the Retreat! The second Training will be in the Winter as a Part II Taoist Tantra Training and Healing for men!

PS. My Private Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Healing site was never taken down. Here it is just an FYI: http://GoddessofLove.us My very basic and old site! My Coaching site is http://IntimacyandLifeEnhancementCenter.com
Tantra, Coaching and Healing for Women is FlowerofAWoman.com

LOVE! <3