Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Girls Can Keep Your Yoni Smelling Sweet; and not fishy (and guys who want to help)!

Every woman knows that there is a certain odor that your body releases from time to time.
Sometimes your body releases a powerful smell after having a passionate lovemaking session, and sometimes the lovemaking stops before it starts because the odor is so strong.

Men like their women smelling sweet and yummy; like a flower and not like they're walking through the fish market. It's a guys worst turn off when you get really close with each other and then just as he starts getting excited, a wave of air rushes over his body, and he gags in disgust, and instead of being honest and telling you he can't stand the smell, he gets limp and decides to leave the room without giving much of a reason or warning. He swallows his heart and slowly; with caution, leaves the situation.

"Hunny, I have a headache". Or, "Hunny, my stomach really hurts. I don't feel well" etc.

But girls, I'm telling you, you are in complete control of this situation. You can make him crave you, or be repulsed by you; it's your choice, but if you want to know how to make him want you every time you get close, do everything you can to make your body smell sweet and tasty.

  1. Drink LOTS of water!
  2. Go on a green binge, and eat lots of veggies!
  3. Go on a raw food quest.
  4. Eat sweets, dairy and sugar in moderation. The vagina takes in yeast products like a sponge. If you eat anything that will develop candida, your body will smell like a fish store, so do it in moderation.
  5. Cleanse the candida as a regular habit; take acidophilus and eat more veggies!
  6. Eat apples, bananas, oranges; any fruit will do, but stop when your body tells you to; they have sugar in them too!
  7. Don't eat too much pineapple or mango. They have the most sugar of any fruit.
  8. Drink Chamomile tea!
  9. Go on a detox regularly.
  10. Drink more water!
  11. Go to the health food store or book store and buy a book on candida cleanses, yeast free products, or eating yeast free! All women need this!
  12. When all is said and done, go please your man!
  13. Use Feminine Deodorant spray's and wipes as a last resort; but don't rely on them.
  14. Use essential oils for healing candida, and drink more water!
  15. Just breathe; it will go away. It's all temporary. The body is made of 70% water, so if you just wait a couple days it will soon pass.
  16. Another thing for guys - if you're horny and you've had this issue for a while, get a nice hot bowl of bubble or pure aromatherapy water. Lay your woman down and rub her with the warm wash cloth. It will turn her on and make you happy too!
Guys, pass this on to your girls!



More later....

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