Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Blessings Beloveds

Hello all,

I've truly missed everyone who I have seen in the past and would SO love to meet with you again! I am still doing my work and would love to let EVERYONE know that I've merged everything over to TRUETANTRA.NET, and to find me there!!!!! Have an awesome, deliciously rich and fabulous day!!!! Call me on my new number 631-913-8572, and come visit me. I still would love to see you!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving All Sites to True Tantra

Goddess Blessings of love and light to anyone who has ever been here or who has wondered what has happened to this blog!

As many of you know, I have a vision to turn a lot of blogs into books, and this blog has been dwindled away. However, I wanted to let anyone who may come across this post know that I am merging all my blogs from all other blog urls' as well as all my sites into one site called TrueTantra.net. I am still building this site, however, all posts from this blog, MyLoverMyBestFriend.wordpress.com, as well as UniversalWizdom.wordpress.com, AsttarteDevaYoga.wordpress.com, as well as a couple others will all be imported over to the new wordpress site!

It's been an interesting three years since the beginning of my health crisis, to realizing I needed to move, to getting back with my son's father, to then separating again, and to then completely changing the way I did my sessions and merging a more professional practice to offer those who truly want to do their personal work! There's a fine distinction between working with those who don't want any tantra and solely doing emotional and spiritual healing to those who want intense red tantra and only have a sexual experience. I am not defining how I'm doing my sessions to the pubic as I had, however, each person has their own story and their own needs and we will discover together what they are and how we can best serve those needs to get them met. For those who find me here, I'll meet you on the other side!