Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I Love Coconut Oil

Have you ever heard of Coconut Oil as a substitute for erotic lubricant? Why would someone consider this as even a possibility? What are the benefits of using Coconut Oil?

Most people use lubricants such as KY jelly, or other such synthetic made lubricants commonly found at the Drug Store or Grocery Store. However, these stores don't know what the best naturally made products are for someone and usually sell the run of the mill company made or products that can made at a lower such with a higher volume. However, the extra couple dollars for Coconut Oil, has SO many added benefits, I wanted to write a specific post just for this.

What Coconut Oil is to me:

Coconut Oil is an organic natural oil that actually feels like magic when you place it on the body. It is made for cooking, so naturally it is something that is good for the inside of the body. But not only is it good for cooking, but good for your skin and your pleasure! The oils made of Coconuts when found as Organic Extra Virgin feel so unbelievably delicious on the body, you can literally moan with pleasure with the slightest touch just slowly rubbing it on the skin. AND, it smells and tastes delicious. I LOVE putting it on my partner, and then slowly licking it with my tongue. Talk about arousal at its best!

However, Coconut Oil, I feel is best used when giving yourself pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it is ALSO amazing when giving delicately and intimately with someone you care about, so long as you are giving them the ultimate and divine attention. However, when alone, and you want to give yourself love, treat yourself as though you are the perfect lover, and make love to yourself with Coconut Oil. I promise you, you will never have had an experience like this before. It forces you to go inward with its rich aroma, and as this aroma goes into your body it slowly nourishes you from the inside out. It actually is a very powerful healing oil and is used often in India for Healing the body. And, it is an oil commonly found in Tai Food; which I ABSOLUTELY love; a rare treat you don't want to give up when you're in the mood!

First you want to scoop up the oil in the bottle, as it is cold and firm from being in the room temperature. THEN, you want to squeeze it into your hands and let it melt on your fingertips. After it has melted in your hands, then it is the perfect time to rub it on your body. You don't want to wait until it melts too much, because then it will turn like water and will be too liquid. Rub it caressingly and slowly over your belly, your inner thighs and let your body feel the sensation of your skin touching skin. It feels like silk running across your body, and it is such a divine experience! Sometimes the sensation of just rubbing it on the skin without going anywhere too personal is fulfilling enough and you feel as though you are utterly satisfied. Although, there is more to come.

When you are ready to pleasure your body in more depth, don't forget to massage your chest, your arms, your belly, your hips and your pubic bone area. This helps stimulate your senses to help open you up to a richer experience. Then when you are ready to be fully satisfied, remember to move as though your breath is moving you. Don't try to rush or speed up the process; otherwise, you've lost the joy of the pleasure and satisfaction becomes like a 5 minute quicky. Take your time. Massage yourself with this Coconut Oil for 30 minutes or even hours if you like, but you will feel fulfilled and totally in love with the Coconut Oil, and yourself when you are done! And, at this point, you can't tell anyone you don't love yourself, because you have given yourself the gentle time that your body and heart really needed. If your lover isn't around to take care of you, that's ok. This is sometimes better than sex!

The Best Types of Coconut Oil:

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
The ones best for cooking!
Be sure to read the labels!
If you look closely, it may even say great for massages!

Expeller Pressed is also ok, but Extra Virgin is a little finer and smoother!

I have been using Coconut Oil is my Sessions with clients and myself the past few months and the experiences have been delicious!

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