Wednesday, February 01, 2006

“To love perfection is to hate life.”

Just Allow

People are always worried about things having to be something different than they are

They want things to be perfect

And their lack of patience overcomes them,

By their sense of impulsiveness towards perfection.

Time is not important in matters of the heart

Things always work out as God intended them to.

Trusting in the infinite comes to a deeper knowledge from accepting what is

Perfect is not perfect

It is accepting the perfection that things are already perfect

There’s no need to rush

Or worry what is not

Things just are

And they come in the right time

The answers come

The desires come

Everything comes in perfect timing

Because it already is perfect just as it is

Things are love

Questioning love is questioning the self and God

Have no doubt

Be patient in yourself

Find the love within you to trust this patience

And all will be fine and at peace

There is no hurry

Just allow

Just Allow, 10-19-04, 6:43am

Asttarte Sharananda Deva

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