Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Healing with the Chakras
Tantric & Kundalini Awakening

Chanting the names of these chakras (see pictures below) allows the energy to rise and move to the crown (at the top of your head). As this energy rises, after breathing this energy up for several minutes or longer, one can experience a feeling of bliss, energy awakening around your body, tingles and sensations of love and joy within the body, and a feeling of deep relaxation and peace! Chanting these names sitting in front of your partner, or beloved also allows the two people to experience bliss. When sitting in the Tantric yab yum position (see picture in Couples section above), a couple can experience these sensations together, and can also feel the love of their hearts connecting at a level possibly never experienced before. In tantric history and following a tantric path, when making love in this yab yum position, love making will never be the same! (The breathing, chanting and tantric movements in this position need to be practiced, and without practicing the breathing, chanting and movements in this position, the experience cannot be felt. Couples need to be disciplined in this practice and allow each other to become fully vulnerable in their presence with each other, as this allows them to connect to the divine, and in essence, their true hearts love!)

The breathing exercises, chanting and movements can be taught in my private Tantra sessions, and allow for a very beautiful experience!

Crown Chakra - 7th Chakra
Third Eye - 6th Chakra
Throat - 5th Chakra

Heart - 4th Chakra

Solar Plexus - 3rd Chakra

Sacral - 2nd Chakra
Root - 1st Chakra

Om - Crown Chakra
Healing Sessions to open the spiritual center!

Sham - Third Eye Chakra
Healing Sessions to open the third eye, your inner vision, and your knowlege center!

Hom - Throat Chakra
Healing Sessions to open the throat center and your inner voice!

Yam - Heart Chakra
Healing Sessions to open the heart; the place where compassion resides!

Ram - Solar Plexus Chakra
Healing Sessions to open the control center; the central place of anger!

Vam - Sacral Center Chakra
Healing Sessions to heal your relationships, open your creativity, and open your sexuality!

Lam - Root Chakra
Healing Sessions to open your base chakra, your root area; your center of security and stability!

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