Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sexual Power

Some would say that during the time of Christ, whilst he was still alive, Mary Magdalene was living in her Sexual Power. She carried the energy of love divine, was completely open in her heart, shared love with her Beloved Jesus as well as the love they shared with others. In essence, they lived a polyamorous life, and were free in themselves to share this love with each other as well as the love they shared with others in their life. There were no threats. There was no jealousy. There was no fear. Jesus and Mary were the ultimate gurus and teachers and leaders of their time and were very advanced spiritually, psychologically as well as sexually.

To be totally free in my sexuality is still a quest I am working towards. To be free in speech with all of my lovers of my interactions with them will be a reward I am deeply looking forward to. The ability to be free in our communication with those we love is the exact location where we receive our power. When we are out of integrity with ourselves about our actions or desires of our actions with those we deeply care for, there is a definite leakage in our energy field that could be fully embodied when we were free to communicate all of our affairs with one another.

However, there is also a correlation to having a need to speak with those we love and feeling safe, feeling as though they will still love us and gaining an approval from someone outside of ourselves. If there has been an agreement to be open, then the openness is granted. There is no further need to express other than this. Although, when both people in a couple, or all people in a love affair can share openly about their feelings of love for each other and their love for others, it creates a depth of intimacy not normally experienced in this culture. We have all been raised to be monogamous, and to share our love with only one lover; our husband or wife, however, to keep our power, to shine in our love for many is the ultimate journey for realization, full self expression and vibrancy in oneself.

There are many fears that our culture has around this idea, as well as fears we each have individually. When we can shine in our fullness, and still love deeply those we cherish and adore, this is when we can truly shine and vibrate the passionate presence of love in our hearts. This is when we can ultimately achieve the sexual power we all are longing for.

I wish you love and liberation on your journey!

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