Saturday, August 01, 2009

Voicing Your Truth

Do you often have trouble telling your partner how you really feel? Do you find it frustrating knowing that you are keeping things hidden from the one you love? Would you rather create the depth of intimacy that true honesty creates in a relationship?

I often find that my lovers have a difficult time hearing the truth. Either they are not ready to hear what I have to share, or they are completely numb to their feelings in the first place that anything that makes them feel is too strong of an outside force almost prompting them to go inside to their hidden cave, where they would rather not know anything at all.

More often than not, it is men who have a hard time with feelings. Women on the other hand are masters of it. Men are like the rock, the intellectual experts, the scientists, the thinkers who have strong opinions about what they think and are compelled to find solutions through their thoughts. Women on the other hand are like the flower, they are the softness, the feminine water running down stream. They are adaptable and can change form to fit their surroundings. Women are the mothers, the lovers, the compassionate innocence and hold the key for love that we are desire. Finding a balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves is what we need and what will ultimately allow us to be the voice to our hearts.

It is like the innocent child who screams when he gets mad, or cries when his feelings are hurt. Children are our greatest teachers in getting to our deepest feelings. As adults, we've become numb to the temptations of allowing ourselves to surrender to that foreign territory, that as children it was second nature. So my recommendation is to scream when you are mad, cry when you are sad, and take rest always when you need it. Don't ever hold anything inside.

Learn from your children, and let them teach you how to feel. There is no depth in our closest relationships without it.

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