Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unfolding Pleasure

What does it mean when you read the words "Unfolding Pleasure?"

Unfolding Pleasure is about the unlimited ability to unravel and peel the layers of our-self to reveal and awaken the joy, the bliss, the love, the harmony and the pleasure underneath. Our bodies are capable of continuing to release the blocks that we carry around ourselves. And just as our bodies can release these layers, so can our minds, our thoughts, our thinking process, our emotions, our hearts and our entire energy system. When all these parts of our-selves are cleared and released of the darkness held within them, we can then unfold the tight vessel and cocoon that we live in and awaken the butterfly of our true essence.

Unfolding Pleasure is an ever unfolding to our natural abilities, our pure innocence and our innate talents and joys as a human being. If everyone could feel pleasure all the time and be in a state of bliss and joy in every moment, then no work would need to be done and we would almost be walking as if we were a state of an angel that had already transcended. Everyone on the planet has layers to unravel, otherwise, we would not be here.

I welcome you to unfold your layers and be awakened to the bliss that is hidden deep within!

May you always know that your ability to be vulnerable and present to what you are dealing with in the moment, is the exact thing that will give you access to your own power and joy of living!


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