Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tantra Integrative Transformational Healing with Goddess Asttarte

Receive: (some or all)

Sessions filled with Safety, compassion and love
Meditation and breath techniques
Therapeutic, Sensual and Transformational Massage
Shamanic Transformational Healing
Healing tools for emotional expression and release
Relationship and life counsel
Sacred Spot massage for men and women
Keys to personal expansion and divine manifestation
True security within your own personal power
Elegant abundance in sensuality, love, sexuality, life experience and spiritual growth
Sensual love
Presence with the Divine

This is an opportunity to open up to the truth of your being-ness, your essence, your divine light within you. Growth is inevitable. Reach the divine God/Goddess within you. It is time to look into the mirror of who we really are. Own your power and face what is keeping you from your passionate presence.

We will discover miracles as we open our hearts and reclaim the calm and bliss of true presence within! I am a sacred sexual healer, singer, writer, ascension channel, massage therapist and healer. I have a degree in Behavioral Science of Anthropology and am presently working on writing a couple books. I am completing a Sacred Sexual Healer Certification and becoming connected to the Source power and presence of God as an Interfaith Minister and Prayer Practitioner. I will also be getting trained as a Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie this year.

Open to working with men, women and couples holding compassionate, loving, expressive and sacred Intention. Sessions are also available in union with another professional Daka or Dakini as a double session.

Please call between 10am and 10pm. All sessions are performed in my home location in Bala Cynwyd. If you have a request for your home or hotel, this can also be arranged. I am available during the day, during the week. I also may be available Monday and Wed. evenings, and Saturday afternoons. Other times vary on the day. I look forward to hearing from you.

Goddess Asttarte Sharananda Deva

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