Sunday, April 09, 2006


Intimacy Therapy, Healing and Transformation

Sessions consist of consciousness. This is the start and the base of everything. Consciousness is tantra. Tantra is love. Love is connecting and uniting in bliss, and truth. Presence is being aware of everything in the moment we are together. In every moment we are together, the mind is shut off, the heart is open and becomes in tune with checking out our desires from within to see if they match.

At the start of each session, we will sit down together in my counseling room and I will ask you what your intentions are. I will also ask you what your intentions are for your life. And, in the session I will focus my energies to support you in the moment we are together, but also the broader picture of your life in general.

If you feel ungrounded when we begin, or when you arrive, from your drive to get to me, or from something else, I will guide you through a meditation to help you become calm and feel more at peace. I use my intuition with everything I do, and I am guided strongly in the most perfect way I know.

Sessions can include all or a any form of healing work I am specialized in. See this blog for details on the types of healing tools I use. As you grow to know me, in future sessions, I may include other tools to support you when needed, however, I only give what you are ready to receive, open to receive, and need.

I may give you a massage with healing, Healing Massage; sensuous energy, Breathwork, counseling, energy work, stretching, acupressure and meditation. Many masages move into Sacred Massage. A Sacred Massage can include any tools used in a Healing Massage, plus the addition of more sensual touch, and a deeper love connection. We may also do a session of Intimacy Therapy. All of my work is Intimacy Therapy, and everything is based on love and healing. Please be prepared to face yourself and heal at your core if you choose to take this on. I will offer support and unconditional love at all times.

I do my best to match your desires, and often they are fulfilled. If they are not, I ask for you to tell me during the session so that we can shift gears to match you to what you need. My desire is for your intentions to be as clear as possible before we get started.
Everything done and performed is up to spirit!

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