Friday, May 16, 2008

Coming Clean - Opening up and Honesty about Sexuality and Sexual Healing

This blog is normally one of professional services writings, however, it is also a blog that I like to write to and add information on my work, my individual preferences and any news that could be of help or value to you!

After returning from the most amazing Conference for Sacred Sexual Healers I've ever been to, I've decided to tell you a couple things.

First, is that sometimes during my own healing of my own traumas, I may focus the session more on healing and less on eroticism and sexuality, however, very sensual in nature and still can be very sexual. I fluctuate my sessions depending on the level of energy that is moving through me. In the past, if you have been coming to me for 3 years now, you might notice how sometimes in sessions with me, I'll be wildy erotic, and other times I'll be more feminine and gentle and more motherly in my approach. Both are extremely important in these tantric arts, however, we all go through different phases of our life. However, since returning from the Sacred Sexual Healers conference and receiving my own healing session, I went through my own darkness. I ordered flower essences to help with this transformation since...

  • I love my work so much and would do everything I can to continue to be present for others during this time. As a Sacred Sexual Healer, and being a Reiki Master for over 11 years now, (and other Spiritual Coach labels you might or might not be familiar with) I am very in touch with my own energy.
  • My meditation practice has been deeper, my ability to relax has been deeper, I am more in touch with my heart center, I am more connected to my source, and in turn will be a more powerful healer for those who come to see me.
  • As you can see, before I left to Sedona and received this healing, I had started an online Sex Toy Business. I will be continuing to do this, and this is just an example of how I was in a strong place of feeling erotic before going out there.

However, the more clear I am of my past, the more amazing my sessions can be. I always speak the truth of my boundaries as they come up, and I accept anyone else's boundaries as valid and important as well. This is an opportunity to be real with each other and to share each other's truth. If you know me, then perhaps you will appreciate this honesty and the truth that this is being worked on and will allow me to be empowered in my sexuality and more alive in my whole self than ever before!

  • I also learned some new powerful ways of accessing a man's ability to bring up his kundalini/sexual energy from his sex center so he does not ejaculate so quickly and can hold his erection longer, and feel more alive an in his body. I am excited to practice this with my old clients and new.

As a Dakini, moving into my power even more, I want to speak words, that remind me of the phrase "coming out". Here is my statement below:

Description of a Dakini: A Dakini is a Healer who works in the Sexual Healing Arts. A Dakini is a female version of a Daka; a male Sacred Sexual Healer. A Dakini is trained in the arts of Sexual Healing and performs her services with highest integrity of the receiver coming to the Sexual Practitioner. A Dakini is not only a Dakini in her work, but this is her life. She is a practitioner of tantra and the ancient arts of sexuality, yoga and the breath. A Dakini can combine her gifts as a Sexual Healer with her other gifts of healing, such as Shamanism, intuition, and creates a space of safety, sensuality and love. As a Dakini, she can also use her gifts of ritual to perform her healing sessions and fill the space with the divine archetypes, angelic realm, ascended masters, and any other higher being she chooses to call on. As a Dakini and a pagan Goddess, I like to draw in my powers of healing, and my powers of intention to create a session filled with powerful manifestation of what the receiver desires to bring into his or her life. The word Dakini is very ancient, and there is very little information on it from India or Egypt.

I have been a Dakini for 3 ½ years and a pagan for 13 years. When I was first becoming a Dakini, I chanted the mantra for Ma’at and asked for her healing powers to support me. She was with me every step of the way. As I took on the name Astarte (and added a “t” for my own numerological reasons), Astarte, is now with me always.

  • I will be keeping a journal of my sessions with clients as I feel inspired. This will be completely anonymous but also filled with the journey to love in each session I create. My desire is to continue this journal so that I may share my own journey of healing as I help others and as I continue to develop my skills in helping them!

Thank you all for your trust in me, your confidence and your bravery in moving into your own sexual power!

Blessings of love to all of you!


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