Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Differences Between Tantra Yoga, Sexual Healing and Intimacy Therapy

Even though I offer all three of these forms of Healing in my work and on my websites, the three variations are completely different. Here is how it is explained.


Many people get Tantra Yoga confused with Sexual Healing, Intimacy Therapy, and Tantric sex. All of these have their own definitions and are all completely different from each other.

Tantra Yoga
Tantra Yoga offers the practices of raising the energy through the breath; without physically touching another human being. Although touching another can become a part of this practice, it doesn't come until later, until one has reached a state of awakening and bliss within oneself. Tantra Yoga is a practice done solely and can be a meditation of stillness and a meditation of movement. It can be done sitting, standing or lying down. There are specific practices used to raise the Kundalini and open connections to oneself, and Tantra Yoga is where one needs to start to begin to awaken to these energies. In order to gain access to the Bliss and Ecstasy of Sexual Healing and Intimacy Therapy (Advanced Tantra Yoga) one must learn the basics. However, Tantra Yoga alone can offer an incredible amount of bliss and ecstasy, and once one realizes this, sometimes they no longer desire trying to get the ecstasy from another they so often thought they could achieve. Although, when you start with one you can most definitely move to another; in the order and time you are ready. Tantra Yoga is more like going to Yoga class and sitting and listening to the instructor guide the student through the poses; however, the poses in this sense are different movements of the body and different ways of expanding the breath. It is quite different.

Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing encompasses practices of Tantra Yoga, however, with a Practitioner giving a Healing Service with the receiver lying down, or sitting upright. Sexual Healing is not a series of learning exercises to practice as much as it is a practice to move energies to help you heal blocks of pain, numbness, anger, sadness or any other emotion that is in your way. Sexual Healing is a way of receiving the nurturing you need in specific areas of your body. It can include eye contact while you lie on the floor, energy healing or reiki anywhere on the body, massage techniques, and guidance on moving your energy.

Intimacy Therapy
Intimacy Therapy is a very intimate form of therapy and healing, and when one requests this as a session, they must be willing to be authentic to their own feelings within them self and allow them self to become vulnerable with their Practitioner. Often times, a client will need to come to the Practitioner for weeks or months before they are ready to allow themselves to trust the Practitioner they are seeing; unless they are already on a deep spiritual path and know within themselves that they are ready. Prior to Intimacy Therapy, the client will go through a few practices of Tantra Yoga and sometimes Sexual Healing before opening up to the Intimacy Therapy. However, in few cases, the client requesting the session will know exactly what they are wanting to address and heal and Intimacy Therapy can be performed immediately.


Often times, there will be a Practitioner who is truly a Surrogate or an Escort and has not had formal training in Tantra, but will still call themselves a "Tantra Teacher or Healer"; however, if they themselves have not gone through the training and can't even meditate, then they are not truly a Tantra Yoga Healer or Teacher; however, the distinction is similar, but not the same.

Some Practitioners who are truly offering "Sexual Healing", or are only giving pleasure or release and not guiding the student/client into the arts of Tantra with the practices of the breath and other exercises, are misleading the client.

All of these Practices are unique on their own. They each have a separate description and distinction from each other. And, they all are very important!

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