Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tantra As Self Empowerment, by: Asttarte Deva

There are many sayings in times past on "reclaiming your power", or "Women Power", or finding empowerment through sports or martial arts. Few ever talk about, and even fewer know about the hidden secrets and power within Tantra. Tantra as empowerment is a way of reclaiming oneself, finding out who you are, learning tools to access who you are, and then practicing the Tantra techniques, exercises and practices. Tantra allows one a way of manifesting the life you want - the abundance you seek, the lower or beloved of your dreams, the harmonious and passionate relationship and love life you desire with the one you already have, the car or house of your dreams, and so on.

Tantra is empowering because it forces you to tap into your will and draw up energies within yourself to go beyond the uncomfortable until eventually it does become comfortable. I have found no other writings or research on Tantra as self empowerment, but this is one of the biggest reasons ancient masters studied and practiced, and also taught this powerful practice.

Tantra is Yoga, however, Yoga is not Tantra. Tantra forces one to become present to the pain within themselves as well as is open to one becoming present, at one and authentic to the joy and blissful nature of oneself. Tantra is about being open to what is. Yoga is about being a Warrior and controlling ones urges to just be still and allow the energies of feelings to move through them, while Tantra teaches one to embrace, be open and be real with those feelings; authenticity, however, done with presence, listening to the breath, and the still voice within. I love Tantra Yoga because it teaches me about the natural desires of the human nature and about being real and accepting of them, and using that realness within oneself as a vehicle to grow; by accepting what is.

Tantra as self-empowerment is as natural as following your bliss and listening to that inner voice inside yourself of what you should or shouldn't do. It is also about doing a set of exercises to harness the deep emotions within yourself, so you can eventually pull them up and out of you, and let them go; be them rage, anger, sadness, confusion, numbness or fear.

Whatever the emotion, Tantra gives you a vehicle to transcend them. And that alone is empowering. And that alone allows anyone, anywhere to give birth to a new life; one of bliss, joy, contentedness and peace. This is why I call Tantra a miracle. This is why I call Tantra self-empowering. This is why Tantra can be used as a tool for Psychotherapy, and this is why Tantra is a gift from God.

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