Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yin Yoga Teacher Training is complete!

I am finally finished my Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I am proud to finally have a certificate to teach these Yoga classes and can practice my teaching desire of offering Tantra Yoga and Sexual Healing Classes to the public. I'm well on my way!!!!

My true desire for taking the Yin Yoga Teacher Training was to gain more confidence and practice to teach Tantra, Sacred Sexual Healing Arts, Ways of Enhancing Intimacy and Building Strong Connections within a Relationship to the public. This was my next step to moving into my own power as a Practitioner and Healer of the Sacred Healing Arts, and I am excited to now finally be complete in this beautiful training and be on my way to putting myself more out there, to the larger audience and start the process of teaching; not only in my private practice, but also to the public!

Yin Yoga is similar to tantra in that it enforces being present in ones own body and allows for many types of feelings to surface so that they can be revealed, cleared and integrated in one's own body, mind and spirit! The difference with Tantra and Yin Yoga is that Yin is going through a sequence of asana postures and remaining in one position for up to 5 to 20 minutes at a time; where as Tantra is not an asana practice, but instead a whole spectrum of movement and breathing exercises. It's a fun way to bring two different Healing Arts together, and when my classes do start and I find somewhere to teach them; being a Tantrica, I will most likely teach the powerful philosophies within Tantra Yoga in these brief, insightful and powerful Yin classes as well! However, over the long term, my desire is to focus solely on teaching Tantra, and the Yin is just my starting point for practice to get there!

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