Thursday, December 11, 2008

Being Real, Authentic and you!

The Psychology of Tantra

Who is the real you? What is the real you? When you can sit back and let yourself be open, expressive, engaging and not have to think about what you say, or how you act, and can let go without thinking in advance, you can be alive and true to the real self you are. It's not always easy to let one's guard down, and scream when you feel like it, or cry as soon as you notice you are sad, and the sadness comes from an ancient feeling held tight inside of you. Being authentic and true to one's self, by means of expression is a gift and ability not many are able to live, and seldom even allow themselves the freedom to know it's power and believe it is even possible.

What does it mean to release one's hidden emotions? What does it mean to hold on tight to all your feelings inside? Why is this of any value or have any significance to one's living?

Because these actions and feelings can create power! The power is created when you let go of anything you've been hanging onto from your ancient past, or recent problems. When you hold on to an old feeling, knowing that it is inside, and how strong you've been holding onto it and how much pain it has caused you, you know the holding on is creating as much strength and power in the emotion and feeling as it would if you were to let it go. Holding onto something gives it power. Putting thought to an idea, or a feeling gives it power. And, when you know it is still there, and how difficult it is to even think about, this alone gives this feeling such power over your entire way of living, being, looking at life, and ability to respond to something. The same power and strength is given back to you, when you can finally make peace with the feeling, bring light to it, show the feeling it is loved, being able to look straight on to this emotion and surrendering to all it's pains, also can create power by loving yourself in the emotion/feeling/behavior/held emotion from the past, that you can become empowered and enlightened just from setting this feeling free!

So, when you can let go of a painful truth, shed its tears, or let it have a temper tantrum and scream and jump up and down until it feels heard, you can finally be free of this feeling, have a stronger ability to be present in the moment, feel heard, known, accepted and loved, then you can truly be your authentic you!

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