Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Do You Like To Read About?

I'm starting a new chapter of my life, and with all my blogs and websites I have created, I am in a deep awareness that I've wanted for most of my life to be a professional writer and author. I know some of you who have known me for some time probably have misplaced me, gotten confused about the writings, but all in all, it's all me, all written in different moments with different reflections on the same or similar subject.

I am sure all of you know that my site is down. the person who created that site is no longer in contact with me and it is best that I start fresh and new. I am creating a site called for my tantra Sessions, Coaching, and Healing. This will start out as a 5 page site to make it simple for all of you, and so I can focus my energies on maintaining the expansive site that I have grown to love and in time would love to hold as a space for a Temple - a Healing & Retreat Center. Now, I am definitely going to need help to make this happen, however, it is in the cards!

So, my reason for writing now - What Do You Like To Read About? I have been writing extensively about the subject of love, unhealthy love and healthy love; how to heal in relationships and how to transform issues that come up in them. It presently is called When Loving Isn't Enough. I would like to declare that I am committed to writing this and will be seeking guidance and support to stay on this project to make it happen this time.

I also am preparing a project to create for a grand awakening in my field and the new arrival of my energetic awakening since the departure of my Beloved. Since I am still in the grieving and letting go process, it is something I am putting as a second priority next to When Loving Isn't Enough. I may post writings for this project on this blog, or may add them to my other blog at When Loving Isn't Enough is more of a psychological read and delving deeper into the consciousness of a committed primary partnership. I want to pronounce my commitment to this and would love to hear positive feedback on it's progress, as well as any thoughts on what you like to read about. Subjects such as: Enhancing the Love you Have, or Awakening the Bliss inside of you.

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