Friday, May 01, 2009

Sensual Educator - just launched!

Hi everyone - guys, gals, couples!

Well, the simple yet sweet site is done. It took less than a week to create it, so I'd say - fast and spontaneous with a touch of sweetness...

Although I have no location to teach Tantra Classes at this time, and as you all know, I am still doing a lot of self healing work to continue my journey of letting my Beloved move on his separate journey, in a new fashion, without me. Although I am sad to announce these changes, it gives me new reason to expand myself and my own consciousness into a place where I can go deeper and come out of it offering more love and bliss to those who work with me and love me already!

The site I just created,, is simple because there are just 5 pages to it at this time, and one is a big hello, another is a list of types of sessions and fees, another is some descriptions of Intimacy Coaching and another is the power, importance and value of awakening and expanding the energy body to create a conscious and loving session of bliss on a higher level of vibration!

I hope to see you soon!

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