Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I Do To Continue Helping You

What I do for myself to continue helping you is just as important as my role in your Healer, or Therapist or Tantra Practitioner. While I am going through layers of grief and letting go of a long term relationship with my baby's father, I have to continue working on my self to stay strong, to stay loving and to stay in my heart for you. The things I do for myself are the same things I always recommend you do for your own journey of growth as well.

I take Yoga classes of physical asana - I have been going to Power Yoga classes again lately. Power Yoga was where my first love of Yoga started back in 2000. I had done Hatha Yoga in 1999, but Power Yoga was when I not only enjoyed Yoga and liked it, but I LOVED it. This practice sculpted my body, and ten years ago I was 25 and it was easy for my body to tone into a sculpted figure. Now, after having a baby, it still is just as easy. My metabolism is higher than it has ever been, and my focus is on toning those abs, those buttocks, creating opening in my arms so I can continue giving great massages and carry my toddler, opening my hips so I can sit and dance with ease, and elongating my hamstrings and calves for comfort and flexibility in my sleep and to maintain doing sessions on the floor mat. However, doing Yoga is not only beneficial for physical health, it is also beneficial for emotional, psychic and spiritual health. It is helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin, regain strength where the loss of a loved one had pulled me under, and to slowly over time come back into my power. I can't thank the simple practice of Yoga enough. Being a Yoga Teacher myself, it gives me more of a reason than ever to do it, and my Yin practice is maintained at home, and whenever I find myself sitting on the floor.

Tantra Yoga I find to be the most powerful tool in transforming the ego than any other. The practice I like to offer clients, which I call Tantra Shamanic Breathwork, I like to do on myself as much as I am inspired and may find possible. This was the beginning of my Tantra quest, and I like to go back to my roots and the beginning of my tantra journey to help me maintain being the Tantrica I am. The Tantra Shamanic Breathwork is a great practice and is a great way of releasing emotions stored from a relationship and from life itself. I am going to dedicate doing a self session of this at least once every week. Oh what power these sessions are!

I also go to a weekly session for myself to continue to blossom as a therapist and healer to others. It may be bodywork, energy work, Shamanic Healing, Tantra Coaching, or Emotional Release work. I have found this to be the biggest catalyst that allows me to do all the other amazing work, and maintain a strong optimistic point of view. It is always important to help oneself; especially when in the role of helping others. When we are going through our own struggles, the only way out of them is to go through them, and the only way to break the patterns is to face all the facets and levels of the one you were just in. Otherwise, the same relationship will manifest with a different face.

The Landmark Community - what an amazing group of people. I wish I had been open to going to this program a long time ago, but now that I am there, all I can say is thank you!

Journaling and Writing! What a powerful form of self expression and self awareness - need I say more! I am presently writing a book called: When Loving Isn't Enough. I will be in touch as the progress of this project continues.

May you all be filled and joyed with Love,

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