Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Energy Around The Body

In some of my Tantra Yoga classes and training, we learned about doing energy scans and clearing energy with another in your presence, sitting across from each other, standing across from one another or in other dynamics. As an Energy Healer for over 13 years, I take this energy clearing a step beyond just the simple energy scans that I learned in Tantra classes.

There is a direct connection to embracing in love as there is in one's energy field being pure, cleansed and sacred. When one has an energy field of pure essence, the divine connection of union can be then manifest into a warm deep embrace of love. It is not only I who needs to have pure and clear energy, but it is also you. As your energy is purified, and mine is clear, the deep utter embrace of intimate healing of love happens. I only open my physical body temple to the level of openness you have in yours.

Cleansing one's energy field can either be an easy task, or may be necessary to spend a larger amount of time nurturing. If you are generally living a stress free life, and are mostly happy, than cleansing your energy field is an easy job. However, if you are extremely stressed, carrying weight on your shoulders from your marriage, your partnership, other relationships or work, then it may take more work to develop the sacred union of intimacy through tantric touch, intimacy healing and sexual healing that you may perhaps be pursuing. I may do a brief energy scan on your body as you enter into my Healing Temple, however, if you are dealing with larger psychological issues then we may need to go deeper, and spend more time on the layers of clouds that are living around your body.

An energy field is like a dirty diamond that once washed can shine to its purist beauty. And, as humans living in physical form, we are like sponges that take on layers of stress in our daily lives, and until that stress is removed it will linger around your body waiting to be purified and released.

Om Namah Shivaya


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