Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amazing Sex & Relationship Educator - Reid Mihalko

To all of you who have known me for some time, I am sure it is always nice to get referrals to other Tantra Practitioners and teachers of who I highly recommend. Well, this teacher is one not to miss. This is a man of power, and if you need a little boost to your love life, or your relationship to your loved one, or your relationship to yourself, I highly suggest acting on this now! Reid is recently co-authoring with another amazing Dakini and friend of mine, Kamala Devi ( and he is one of the top Tantra Coaches of our time! He will also be teaching in San Francisco, but most of you who know me stay pretty local. If you are traveling and want to see him, please let me know and I'll get the two of you in touch! see info below!
Blessings and Love, Asttarte

Sex and Relationship Educator, Co-creator of Cuddle Party and Speed-Flirting
cell: 917.207.4554
316 East 70th Street, Ste. 5RE • NY, NY 10021 •



Energetic Sex: From Mystical to Practical FREE Teleclass with Reid and Guest Sexperts -

Women Who Give Too Much Teleclass Series -


June 10: Six-Weeks To More Energetic Sex Teleclass
Group discounts available and a BONUS 60-minute coaching session with Reid inlucded in the course!

July 7th: Battling the 8-Armed Octopus of Jealousy!
4-Week TeleclassGroup discounts available and a BONUS 30-minute coaching session with Reid included in the course!

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