Friday, May 15, 2009

Tantra is Not the easy path

For those of you who are looking for an easy fix, or an easy way out, you will not find it with tantra. If you want to run away from your problems, or escape into a fairy land place where everything disappears and all your daily struggles go away, you will not find that with tantra. Some people want the easy life. They don't want to have to work. They don't want to have grow or go deep into themselves to work out their own problems and find a solution. They would just rather not do anything at all. As you know, from my recent partner, this was his way of working things out; by not working them out. Being a Dakini and a Tantra Practitioner, there was a difference in beliefs.

The Tantric path is about going as deep as you can possibly go until you find the answer, instead of the former, not looking at all for any answers and walking away. I am here to help others transform themselves to move into light and find the love that is missing inside, and in order to find that love, one must dig to get there, and doing nothing resolves nothing. Doing nothing, creates a situation where disconnections happen, walls are built, resistances are created, the mystery of silence then forms and the relationship turns into a dark hole where there is nowhere to go and no way of getting out. The only solution left then is to walk away and find love once again.

When you embark on a path of tantra, you have to be willing to face all of yourself; your fears, worries, concerns, resentments, patterns and look at the dark side of yourself. This is the only way to then turn yourself back into light. When the person you love, or you yourself do not want to look at what is causing you pain, then the pain stays inside you and it is only you then who is causing it, and no one else. No one can heal without the desire to look at their own wounds, and in whatever form they are in, the best solution is to shed light on them, so they can then be given permission to leave.

Through tantra, all of the dark sides of ourselves are given permission to leave, from being awoken to the surface, being given the opportunity to express itself, be heard, loved, and ultimately then surrender and allowed to leave. Without presence to anything painful, it only stays inside, hidden, unknown, and afraid. This can reflect someones relationships, their health, they career, their family, their friendships, their free time, and their freedom within their own lives. Transformation in any area of life, can be created through tantra, and given the opportunity and expression to be free!

With Love,

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