Friday, October 09, 2009

Clarifying Juicy from Gentle

There are some of you who have been followers of my writing and work for some time, and others who are just meeting me for the first time.

I made a decision recently to separate my work as a Spiritual Healer, Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Massage Therapist & Emotional Release techniques to a new site that is completely separate from this one. My BeingInBliss site was intended to be a Spiritual site, however, most who found me there, still wanted my tantra teachings and healings. Perhaps it is not possible to separate the two worlds, however, in this new awareness, I am attempting.

Everything that was on the BeingInBliss site still exists, however, I am forwarding BeingInBliss now to DanceWithBliss and AwakenToLiving since it was very rare that true spiritual seekers found me there. Those who find me and ARE interested in Spiritual Healing, now can feel safe and trust that that is what I will offer, and those who find me through BeingInBliss or DanceWithBliss, SensualEducator, GoddessOfLove and AwakenToLiving, will know they all end up back to the same place - --my portal Tantra site and my private coaching Tantra site. These two worlds are now separated and I will incorporate the Spiritual Healing I originally had on BeingInBliss now to the Tantra site. However, since the majority of you only wanted Tantra, the image and vibration of the two sites needs to be separated. At some point, I may bring these two worlds back together, however, now these two worlds are separated.

Like someone said a couple weeks ago, it is not easy to tell someone who is an Interfaith Minister the same things you would say to a Goddess Tantra Healer. And, I agreed. The worlds are quite opposite, however, in Tantra, nothing gets left out and the more skills you have, the more there is to offer. And, thus, I will be adding some of these gifts to the Tantra site, but keeping it focused to one page, with parts on other pages, rather than 10 pages of deep details as I had before.



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