Thursday, October 01, 2009

Last Online Exposure before leaving to NY

This weekend is going to be an ecstatic awakening to the the love in my heart! I am a vessel of love and my deepest desire is to love you and to love all. However, this weekend I am going to a place of my own refuge and where I can get picked up, lifted and refilled from all that I put out and give to the world. If you are looking for a good time to see me and work with me, the week or two after I come back from this event is about the most perfect time for you to have a session. I am fully charged, filled with bliss and divine love at its maximum potential and am ready to share all that love with you.

Because I am a mom and mostly do my job of being a mom alone, there are few times where I can take off more than a day or so to take care of myself, and because I was given the opportunity to be fully supported to leave and know that my son will be completely taken care of, I know I am can go away and have an amazing weekend!

I will be leaving today, Thursday Oct. 1st and returning Monday afternoon, Oct. 5th and back to work on Tuesday the 6th!

*******If you are interested in finding out about this weekend and why it is going to be so amazing, check out my beloved Baba Dez's site at and click on Daka/Dakini Conference East! **********

*** Also, if anyone is interested in becoming Administrator for the Online Tantra Community site at EastCoastTantra, please let me know!!!! I am totally willing to give this project to others and share the role in leading and helping the East Coast at large! The East Coast is ready for change, and the change must start with us!

*** Another thing, if you are interested in coming to my first Hugging Power class (party really), please call me and I'll add you to my list of attendants. I still need confirmation on a space, but I am hoping to have the 1st class before the end of Oct! You can go to or for more information on the class. And, any ideas on making DanceWithBliss or Hugging Power more professional, I'm open to support there as well. Hugging Power is going to be a project where it is not about me and my work, but something I intend to teach others so there can be other teachers as well!

Much, Much love to all of you,


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