Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Striving For Impeccability with a Toddler on the Loose

Some of you who find me here have known me for years, others, I am a new face to you. Some of you knew me before I was pregnant, some during my pregnancy, and others have found me after my baby's birth. I find this work fascinating to do during my child's first years of life, and even more inspiring, the dedication, commitment and workability to making myself available for you.

What would be most ideal, would be to have a nanny or homeschooling situation set up for my child to be taken care of by other adults besides his own parents, so that my baby's father and I could work a little more than 3 days a week, and for myself to have an assistant to handle the office work, administrative work, advertising, marketing, answering phone calls, checking messages and getting back to people, replying to all emails, scheduling appointments, updating my blogs, and sites. I spend the majority of time doing these tasks when I am alone; all of three days a week to myself - - to do the details above, and the remainder of my time in session or having some R&R for myself.

I would love to have someone who I could work with to do these things, and then I could spend the rest of my time, focusing on writing my book, creating videos, teaching classes, getting new professional photos done and being in session.

It is fascinating that I get a lot of calls on days that I have listed as unavailable on my site, when my toddler is running around screaming in my apartment, or when I am out running errands, or taking him with me to explore the world through his eyes. I realize that sometimes I do need to answer the phone even when I have him, but it is not always easy to be available for conversation in that moment, and so I often ask you to call back and leave a message for me so I can get back to you when I am alone or when he is asleep.

Many of you who feel as though calling me is a risk, which is really just a belief you are carrying, won't call again. But then there are those loving and spiritual clients who do honor their word, call and leave a message or continue to try to get a hold of me to connect. I am always thankful for those clients and often feel, that even though I have no shows, or cancellations, or clients who are not true to what they tell me, that those who are truly loving, honest and really want to work with me, are much worth the wait!

I love doing this work, and will continue doing so, and even though it is challenging to be impeccable to every person, I am still here, and know that the young years of my toddler is precious, and well worth the commitment to giving him all the love I possibly could. And, in the end, the beauty and love of this work remains and another year or two I will probably be much more available to you.

It is you who allows me to keep doing this work; for without you I would have to change careers to help me pay all those bills that is a reality to living in the material world. I am always appreciative of extra donations, and support - - being a single mom, with three days a week to cover everything I need, is quite a risk and challenge, but so worth it!

Asttarte Deva

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