Thursday, December 10, 2009

Business Goals, Personal Goals & Leadership

Thank you for finding me here, and if you have known me since I started my Healing practice in Tantra in Oct. of 2005, thank you for staying committed to me as a client and as a friend! If you have known me since I started my spiritual healing practice in 2001, God Bless you. Loyalty and friendship are very important to me, and the process of growth while staying connected to those who have helped you or become friends with you along the way, is a treasure no money can buy!

As I completed the Landmark Curriculum for Living and as they exclaimed, "You Graduated" on Oct. 28, 2009, I came to many of the awareness's I wrote in a previous blog on here. My most recent course was called The Self Expression and Leadership Program, and in this course, you create a project to make manifest in your life and most intimately in your community. It gives you a chance to see where in your life you are stopped from taking the action steps to make your goals and dreams a reality. And, in seeing where you get stopped in doing the responsible tasks for this project you create, you also see where you get stopped in taking the steps you need to make possible for your personal life. In doing this program, it was not about the project, for me, but it was about my life, my role in my life, and who I have become as a participant in it. It made me look at myself in the most profound, yet most fulfilling ways, that I couldn't help but evolve and grow as a person. For many in this program it brought people to a place of living their dreams. However, some people have layers to peel, as I do. In the end, it taught me what my patterns were that were destructive and unhealthy and that I knew deep inside myself I wanted to change. Those patterns I discovered were in the previous blog, however, with this awareness comes new action steps for making those goals a reality.

This is where my next step in evolution comes in. I registered for the Introduction to Leadership Program for March of 2010 and was accepted. I am so excited to start this program. It is a 7 month commitment, every Friday evening, and one other 3 hour commitment every week wherever you can fit it in. I will be doing that other 3 hour commitment on Wednesday evenings. This program is about your life. It is the beginning training program to all Leadership programs in Landmark Education, and the program that everyone who wants to become Leaders in Landmark need to take; however, it also creates a real possibility of becoming leaders in the world as well. You become empowered and fulfilled on what really matters to people. It causes and sees that what matters to you and what you are here for happens. It is about getting completely and totally resolved in every area of your life you are stopped, where you are resigned, resentful, or any other emotion that keeps you from living the life of your dreams. The 5 main areas it affects are - 1. Remarkable Contribution to the world, 2. Full Blown Self Expression, 3. A Future of Extraordinary Accomplishment, 4. Bold Leadership and 5. Representing Landmark Education.

My goals since I was a little girl was to be a writer, a singer and an actress. In taking on this next step in Landmark Education, my dream is to make one of these parts of my soul truly manifested. If I only accomplish one of those three things, I will feel complete in this lifetime.

During this break from the graduation of the SELP to the start of the ILP, I am working on healing myself at an extremely profound level. I am facing the darkness and preparing my heart, body and soul, for the next huge initiation phase I will be taking on; a role in Leadership in helping others heal themselves in areas I had to overcome. Even though I am still healing, it doesn't stop me from helping those who need me, and it gives me a reminder that I have so much to offer.

My hope by the end of the ILP program is that I will have started the hugging classes, started to teach Yoga classes, created a Play Group for my son, and be well on my way to being published.

All my Love,


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