Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Erotic Literary Salon

I did my first live performance last night at the Erotic Literary Salon. I was extremely nervous, but went ahead anyway. There was 40 people in the audience and I had my long time friend of 14 years at my side. She read erotic poetry, while I, led everyone into a relaxed state of the breath, sang chants to vibrate the entire room, and lead the group into a Kundalini Awakening Breathwork Exercise that was a mini version of the ones I do in session, and I concluded it with my own poem. The response was fabulous and they want to see me again, plus I got an offer to use someone's space for teaching other classes, and was recognized for my singing voice! It was a great turnout! Here is the link for the information of the Erotic Literary Salon.

The founder said she felt like she just did Breath Aerobics, and someone else said that they were brought to tears! I was as loud as I am in private session, and kept my eyes closed and did the exercise with as much passion as always! It was excellent!!!!


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