Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Poem for Pleasure

Pleasure With All Your Clothes On

Empower yourself

Awaken Your Body
Awaken Your Mind
With your Breath
Your Breath Alone
Your Breath
Breathe, into stillness
Breathe into bliss
Breathe into your pain
Breathe into yourself
And watch, notice, feel
All of your sensations heightened
Feel all of you
Excitement of your senses
Be in touch with spirit
Let your spirit be touched
Your breath is the miracle to your healing
Your breath is the miracle to your pain
Your breath is the miracle to your pleasure
Full body, standing alone, all your clothes on kind of pleasure
Just stand and watch yourself be ignited with pleasure
As you breathe into your own ecstasy of the divine......
SO simple
Yet, so profound.

With Love, Asttarte

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