Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hug Therapy

"Hugs are innocent, natural, fun and Healing! Everyone needs a hug, but an extended hug from a Tantra Practitioner, offers a world of opportunities!"

Sessions in Hug Therapy open many possibilities in yourself and in your life. It can help lift a weight of stress on your entire body, release energy blocks, slowly awaken a heart that was once closed, and allow for healing any emotions that are at the surface and ready to be released. It can also fulfill a deep need to be touched, nurtured or supported by the simple act of affection of a hug. These sessions help you learn how to breathe deeply, so as to allow the hug in and you begin to feel safe in allowing yourself to be loved, as well as feel safe in allowing yourself to love another; the act of giving and receiving balances yourself to what had blocked you from offering yourself, or being taken care of before. The act of Hugging over an extended period of time creates feelings in oneself that you are deserving, worth being loved, and helps you to remember that you are completely capable of loving another.
Hug Therapy is a very powerful experience, especially when done by someone who accepts you unconditionally. Like a therapist who loves you and supports you no matter what you are going through; as a Tantra Practitioner, my heart is open to loving you, and allowing whatever feelings that come up to be supported and nurtured in the moment. Hug Therapy also opens blocks in your ability to fully express yourself, communicate what you have kept secret, gives you the ability to trust your feelings that what matters to you is truly important, and your ability in expressing yourself through whatever way matters to you; art, writing, singing, dancing, intimacy, sex, etc. is allowed to be released and let free once again!
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