Friday, January 29, 2010

The Yin & Yang of Energy

Balancing energies of our own energy body vehicle; our inner selves with our outer selves is what will ultimately allow others to achieve the state of ecstatic bliss one often reads about.

Our inner selves is our mind, our thoughts and our emotions, as well as the energy within our bodies. This includes the energy in our muscle tissues, our fibers, our meridian channels, our spinal column, our organs and most importantly the chakras up and down our bodies. The Tantra Kundalini Awakening Breathwork practice or practices can allow some of this energy to be opened, but it is also important to do personal psychotherapy on oneself, as well as chakra meditations, energy healing and any modalities to release the energy within the body.

As the energy within is opened, purified and cleansed the wave of bliss can flow more easily up and down your energy channel, as well as in and out of your pores, your breath and your chakras.

Our outer selves; the energy around the body, the auric field, the energy body or whatever you wish to call it also needs to be purified. As the energy outside your physical body is cleansed it allows you to feel more of your sensations on your physical body. The chakras reside within the body and outside the body, so it is important to clear the entire chakra; not just inside, but also outside, and intend, visualize and imagine it pure. As you see areas of darkness, ask for it to be released, ans visualize the beautiful color of that chakra radiating its beauty.

As your entire energy field around your body is cleared, there becomes a synchronistic flow of energy that waves from within your body to the outside, and from the top of your body to the bottom. In and out, up and down, and flows all around. As this energy is clear, all possibilities and energy flowing can be achieved, and this then is the state we all wish to feel, experience and aliven. It allows a deep feeling of ecstasy and bliss that most only read about and few have the privilege of achieving.

This is what I teach. This is what I offer. I offer you balance; from within to without and the flow of energy you carry to be cleared, purified and then awakened to the state of pure utter energetic ecstasy! This is my gift to you!

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