Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hugging Power Class

The Power of the Breath & The Value of Hugging class is a gentle class for those who wish to have a hands on experience that is safe and fun. This class will offer you a new way of learning the art of healing and can create connection to the divine and to those in your lives.
Hugging Power Class is like a Yoga class, but instead of asanas it is tantra yoga practices of eye gazing, breathing practices, energy movement with awareness and the breath and slow connection of hugging from selecting someone in the room with your eyes. It will be an opportunity to heal and break down barriers that keep people distant and letting down walls of intimacy; for the present moment and the future.

We will talk about present concerns, issues, needs or boundaries and then move into the class. You may also choose to be an observer and witness the class before choosing to participate.

It will be an hour and 1/2 or 2 of this and then people are welcome, if they choose, to move into hugging and cuddling on the floor. I will start out with a gentle meditation, a chakra opening meditation, a kundalini raising meditation, or a sexual chakra meditation. It depends on the audience and their energy and experience.
You will never have to do anything you don't want to. And saying "No" is not a crime.
1 1/2 to 2 hour basic class - $20.00 donation or what you can.
1st class is free, unless you choose to donate!

The class is scheduled for Friday night, Feb. 19th from 7:30 until we're done!
Feel free to RSVP at the meetup group or East Coast Tantra below!

All classes are done in a group setting with an average of 10 to 20 people.

Hugs are safe and create connection and healing
in a way never taught before.

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