Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hugging Power Class went amazing!!!

“ This was a fantastic event! Everyone communicated with me about getting there. Bill and I picked everyone up
due to the snow on his street & communication was excellent and
they were all at the location waiting for us. When we arrived together,
everyone helped with setting up the blankets, & moving things
around to make space in the room.

We all joined together in love, harmony & powerful intentions. We
welcomed ourselves in a circle, and spoke of our intentions, what we were working on in ourselves presently and what we wanted to get out of the group.

We did an amazing energy orgasm meditation & moved into grounding our energies, and then talked about the experience afterwards and what everyone got out of it.
The meditation itself would have sufficed for everyone's satisfaction, but then we moved into
a circle again to do eye gazing and connection with everyone in the
room, and again spoke about the experience when we were complete.

Then I guided everyone to partner up with each person in the room to do a healing embraced hug for healing and
everyone got a chance to give each other a hug. Women to women, women
to men, & men to men. It was a powerful experience for the men in
hugging their brothers and feeling a spiritual non-sexual connection with other men
& being nurtured by the women, & for
women to give and receive. It was awesome! ”

My intention is to have more women at the event next time and for the group to be more balanced. It's time to find some open minded women and help women let down their guards!

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