Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Sacred Space

As a mom living alone with my son, running my practice alone and working 3 days a week, it is my intention to have a sacred space to offer the sessions I love with a vision of beauty, clarity and cleanliness. It was my intention, as a new years resolution, to find an assistant, and to support me in starting my tantra temple & a vision of a home that reflects a healing space.

I have moved all of my child's toys, books and items into his own room and made room for the living room that is in view when people enter my space to be cleanly. I have moved the boxes of paperwork that were on the floor and made it appear to be a mess, to a place that is hidden from view. I also moved a leather chair that was in my child's room to the living room which now makes it feel more cozy and comfortable to relax in for friends and company.

Everything that was in the hallway is now gone except for a couple bags I intend to give to someone in need. In the process of turning my child's room from a baby's room to a little boy's room, I will be removing the crib, high chair and changing table and bringing in a bunk bed, a small table to the floor for playing and eating and a toy box. I am turning a small room that had little use except for storage and changing into something that will make my whole place a lot nicer and more of a joy for my little guy to indulge in.

Blessings to being in order and having a life of comfort!


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