Sunday, June 13, 2010

Awakening Passion With Art

Sometimes when inspiration calls, and there is no time for being alone or with a loved one, one way of expressing yourself is through the arts. And, in my experience, being with my little one, alone in our home, I took to my paint markers. And, in the process I found myself feeling excited for having completed a piece of art, even better that it was starting to look beautiful, and even more so that I did it myself and completed the task at hand.

Art is an excellent tool used for healing and there is a unique therapy specialized in Psychotherapy where some become trained as Art Therapists. I find myself drawn so deeply to Art Therapy and when I am in need of expressing my own passion, and I have a toddler running around to take care of and absolutely no privacy of my own, I like to fall to writing and in today's case, my beautiful paint markers.

I love painting and have not done so in a long time, but it brings up the reminder of how much I love this and brings me in touch with the feelings of excitement and fulfillment just for having done a piece of art. Art in itself is therapeutic to the mind, soothing to the emotions and meditative to the spirit. As much as I can, I'm going to take the rest of today immersed back in my vibrant colors and put my creative passions to use. And, in the process I feel my own passion and excitement for life come back alive, and be filled with expression to another level again!

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