Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Patience of a Flower

When a flower is in its beginning stages, it first must take root before it can grow. It first takes the idea/the intention to plant it, then it takes time to develop under the soil and realize the potential it has before it even begins to develop, it takes on a form of its own/an identity and begins to birth an energy within it. Then it slowly has life and starts to sprout from under ground moving its way to the surface, and over time the flower builds a vine, that of which it can stand tall upon, and then it develops its bud, which slowly blooms into a petal and lays out its wings it utter beauty!

When planting a bulb, it takes patience before it turns into a flower. When transforming yourself from your history, trauma and turmoil, it takes the patience of a lion. When transforming yourself in your intimate relationship, it takes the patience of a bull. May we all become lions and bulls with ourselves, each other and our lives!

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