Friday, February 06, 2009

Changes to Session format

I am willing to work with people who are truly willing to surrender to their true self, and truly willing to experience themselves fully. If you can be real with me, I am here for you every step of the way.

1st Sessions will now be a consultation. Included in this consultation is a session filled with Tantra Coaching, Intimacy Therapy, Yoga and Breathing practices, Relationship Counseling or Relationship Mediation, Emotional Processing, Energy Healing and/or Massage Therapy techniques.

1st Sessions will be 2 hours in length as they were before, however, there will be no Advanced Tantra Practices offered in the first session. If you desire an Advanced Session, I will be happy to offer this to you in the second Session.

1st Sessions will be the same fees as they were before. We will discuss what price range your session falls into over the phone, or in person. It could range from $125 to $150 per hour.
These Sessions are for men and women. Couples fees see below.

1st Session format can be done in any session at any time.

2nd Sessions are for the serious student and the person who wants to go deep into their Spiritual development. These sessions are not for those looking to get their needs met or to fulfill their sexual fantasies. These Sessions are for Serious Tantra Students only. 2nd Sessions have the option of being Sacred Sexual Healing practices, Lingham or Yoni Rituals, Sacred Bath Massage, Sacred Spot Massage and more! For more information on these Sessions, please scroll to older posts.
These Sessions are $350 per 2 hours.
You also have an option of 1 hour for $175.00.

Women and Couples have the option of the 2nd Session format in the first Session for a much lower fee. I am willing to work with women for the $125 to 150 per hour fee and for Couples at $450. When you are truly committed to healing, I am truly willing to work with you. I believe that women and couples truly desire to heal.

For men that wish their women would come, but you're either afraid of asking them or don't believe they would, please talk with me and let's see what we can do. Your women may either surprise you, or from the changes they see in you might be interested to see what you're doing!

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