Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exciting New Changes!

Due to the role of my now single motherhood, there are several changes that will be taking action. My role as a Dakini and Sacred Sexual Healer needs to tuned to a more professional image. My site cannot be made private. Since this has been my main site and there are no other extensions available to my liking, I'm sorry to say this, but my only option is to start a new trademark with something different. I will continue maintaining this blog and continue using it with the url, however, the new domain and the new site will tailer to my Intimacy Coaching, Tantra Healing Sessions, Private Professional Services, Private & Group Yoga Classes, any other Healing or Therapeutic Services and allow the possibility for more interest from many walks of life . This will offer a professional image; a vehicle for my love and gift of writing in the media, a professional and spiritual approach to my work, and a new image of teaching that enhances intimacy and sensuality for the larger audience. In the meantime, you can go to my integrated Bliss Temple Healing & Retreat Center at I am excited about this site too. It is finally complete! It is the start of the Healing & Retreat Center I wish to create.

Since I have a knack and prolific way about me in the world of the written word, I will find new outlets for my writing. In the past, I have created several blogs, several websites and have perhaps spread myself a little too thin. I understand the value of continuity and sticking with a couple websites; as opposed to more. My new projects of writing may include enewsletters, emagazines, ebooks and published books. As a child I wrote hundreds upon hundreds of poems; as an adult it had started to become blogs. Blogs are a great vehicle when you don't know how to create a website, as this was my original intention. Now, that I have learned to create websites, I can do away with the multiple blogs, and start to put more emphasis in my childhood dream - to be a published author. Thank you to all of you who have known me through the years and thank you for your patience.

With Love, Asttarte

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