Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Psychic Sexual Healer

It stumbled upon me today that there is a deep connection between my sessions of Tantric Healing and that of being an empath. I don't know if you know this, or perhaps don't quite understand the depth of it, but I am an empath. Other words for an empath are intuitive or psychic. An empath is someone who feels others pains; by usually feeling the same exact pain in their own body as you do in yours.

Examples: If you have a headache, often I will feel a pulsing sensation in my head on or close to the area of your headache, or if you have a broken heart, I may feel a tingling sensation in my own heart, or if your legs are tight and cramping, I may feel a heavy weight and pressure on my legs while I am sitting close to you.

Before embarking on this intense path of tantra and sacred sexual healing, my focus was only on the intuitive healing side of this new age phenomenon of healing. However, I have chosen to open myself up to the more vulnerable energies of sexuality, and in this there are risks.

The risks of being in this work, as a Healer, is that I become a sponge and take on other people stresses, just by them being in my presence. I don't have to do anything. I just sit with you, be with you, and can sense where your stress is, where your pain is, where your body is hurting, if your heart is hurting, if you have a headache, if your legs are cramping, if you are uncomfortable, and if you are going through turmoil in your personal life, or have had trauma in the past. I can even feel if you are anxious, stressed, or nervous being in my presence. However, the advantages of this is that I move into your space at the level I feel you are ready, and do not push you into doing anything you are not comfortable with. And also, will protect my space if I sense you are trying to dive into mine too quickly.

The point of all of this is that being an empath, and taking on others stresses and pains, I have to cleanse my energy quite often so that I can be a clear vessel of light, love and healing for the next person. I also cannot open myself up at the level some of you may want me to right away, because I feel where you are shut down, and guarded, and your ego or personality is perhaps trying to push through the stress you are feeling and unintentionally pretend it does not exist by releasing sexual tension.

I can only open as much as you are open, and if you are carrying pain or are armored, the best thing I can do for you is to help you open up where you are guarded so I can then get to the point of your intention in working with me, in a tantric and full body expansion of love and bliss. However, that love and bliss cannot be experienced until the weight on your shoulders and the energy imbalances and blocks are removed and cleansed away.

This involves tantric energy clearing practices, emotional release work, chakra balancing or other energy clearing practices I offer on beinginbliss, breathing and being present to the blocked energy, getting in touch with the pain or block you are feeling, and in a sense letting it breathe so it can release and move on. These practices can be done while in the presence of receiving a tantra session, or can be done on their own.

The more open, expansive, and connected you are to the divine and living a spiritual life, the deeper of a connection I can create with you, and hence, the more I will be able to support you and help you in your desires.

With love, light, and awareness!

Asttarte Shanti Shakti Bliss

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Anonymous said...

We have met -- on many occassions -- and I can confirm for your readers here, that your empathy and inutition is real and keen. You just seem to know, without judgment, and bring joy, sensitivity and fun to your repertoire of intimate healing... and I know that you love this work, so giving and helpful to me and to others.

I am happy our paths crossed and look forward to the next crossing.