Tuesday, May 05, 2009

List of Classes & Events Coming Soon!

Tantra Yoga Classes

All classes will be taught in a group setting and locations will be announced as they are discovered.

The Power of the Breath & The Value of Hugging

This class is a gentle tantra class for beginners who wish to learn a new art of healing and a way of creating connection to the divine and to those in their lives. We will focus on the deep breathing taught in regular yoga class, discuss and explore the limits of boundaries and safety for your comfort level in hugging others in the class. Hugs are safe and create connection and healing in a way never taught before.

You will learn how to breathe while hugging and create awareness to where in your body you are armored, and where you are open. You may also learn where you are too open and where you are too closed. You will never have to do anything you don't want to. And saying "No" is not a crime.

1 1/2 to 2 hour basic class - $20.00 donation

Yin Tantra Yoga

Yin Tantra is a combination of the benefits of Yin Yoga and the power of Tantra breathing practices enmeshed in one dynamic, fun filled and relaxing class. Most poses will be held on the floor on a yoga mat. Please bring a mat with you, in case the class is not offered in a yoga studio.

1 1/2 hour Yin Tantra - $15.00 donation

The Breath of Awakening - Advanced Tantra Yoga breathing practices.

The Breath of Awakening is a class for Advanced Students of Tantra or those who are ready to reclaim their power, expand and awaken their body to new levels of ecstasy, and transform their stress into a full body bliss experience.

1 1/2 to 2 hours of Ecstasy - $25.00 donation

Tantra Dance

We will come together with the intention of moving into a space of effortless and free form movement. You may roll around on the floor, shake your body in kundalini waves, make sounds of primal instincts, dance to the rhythm of the music and create connection in ecstasy of love. Let go of your limitations and expand your boundaries to a new level with Tantra Dance.

This gathering will be fully clothed. All connections of love will be through the eyes and brief touches as you move around in your dance. There will be drummers present and all I ask is that you bring a blanket(s), water and an open mind.

3 hours of Tantric Bliss Dance - $25.00 donation

Donations are to cover costs of rent.

Welcome to the beginning of my Tantra Classes.
I look forward to seeing you in class.


(I honor the divine in you as you honor the divine in me!)

See also at www.BeingInBliss.com/Classes.html and www.SensualEducator.com/Classes.html

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