Friday, May 08, 2009

Looking For Volunteer Students

Since I am new to the teaching realm of large groups of people and it is my intention and desire to connect to others on a larger scale, I am looking for a small group of people who are willing to participate in a class setting for a few practice rounds until I announce this to the larger scale and look for Yoga Studios or places to rent out of to offer.

If anyone has a large enough space in their home or they know somewhere I could use space for free or at a low donation, please send me an email or call me. I am looking to have a small intimate group of people, about 7 - 10 tops, and those of you who feel safe and comfortable with me already. You may bring your friends or your wives. It is a great opportunity to introduce your partner into the work you have been doing with me, or have wanted to.

So, I am a newbie in being in front of groups of people, but a few familiar faces will make it that much easier!

Please call me or write. The times I would be available would be Thursday or Friday evenings, and also Wed evening. Donation for class could be $10 - $15 or at what you feel it is worth!

See for more information!


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