Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pagan Polyamory Healing Festival

I just returned home from a powerful Sex Positive Polyamory & Healing Festival. I arrived after all the workshops and classes were over and it was still amazing. It was a full fledged top of the line everything included Sex Positive event, from BDSM to the simple and gentle practices of Reiki or Erotic Writing, and Cuddle Parties. Check out the site with the list of events: http://www.free-spirit.org/Beltane/Classes.html and http://www.freespiritgathering.org/beltane/workshops.html
This was my first time attending this event and I'll be sure to make it there another time. Since I am probably not going to make my bi-yearly Community in Sedona this May, I wanted to make it up with something similar, however, this was in the same line of energies it was a totally different experience. I had never gone to something where there were couples making love naked in the middle of the lawn while people were walking around casually about the area nude or in very strange clothing. Just as an observer it was quite unique and almost awkward, however, since I've been in the Tantra community scene for several years and have known of these happenings, nothing can scare me at this point. There was this one girl called the Condom Fairy and she walked around in multi colored socks up to her knees with short black boots, wearing a black mini skirt and topless.

I loved the event where there was a Sacred Ritual performed where we went over isues that arrive in relationships and how all people in a relationship have walls that need to be cleansed and that we all need to do our work. We created sacred space and cast a cirlce to hold the erngy together as one. Then we did a breathing exercise in a cirlce holding hands, to awaken the sexual energy in our bodies, and in a group of almost 100 people making howls and sounds of ecstacy and pleasure it was quite a site and joy to witness and be a part of. Afterwards we did what they called a spiral dance. Everyone held hands and spiraled closer inside the circle to allow everyone to make eye contact and move sidewayds causing the circle to get tigher and going deeper in the middle. As we were doing this I held hands next to the organizer of the event and the very open and vibrant woman she was, we both continued the howling and breathing in our tantric breath until she and I were the only ones out of the whole group howling and making deep sounds of moans. We caused a snowball effect and everyone in the circle started following us, until she got tired and I was the only one who maintained the deepe breathing and howls and ahhhh's outwards as well as releasing pent up energies, stresses and sadness. I released my frustration for Elie walking away, sadness for having to make this action when my heart has not wanted to, and moved to a place of deeper peace in knowing everything is going to be ok.

I connected with old friends I hadn't seen since before I had my baby, received energy work, ate good food, cuddled a bunch with different people and was acknowledged and given the space and respect I needed to open once again. I met a new lover and connected with someone close by who carries the energy of a Daka, and for that I am truly grateful! I received a Psychic Reading and got confirmation to not wait to teach my Tantra Classes later this summer, but to start now, and make it happen to create the Tantra Community here I have been wanting for years. She affirmed that I already have plenty of structure in my life and to let go of the contents page or the title of my book, and just to write...from the middle. So, I am going to take her advice and not create an order to the creativity, but just let it flow! I then later cuddled with her too, and connected to the sweet presence of a lady. Yes, we just cuddled, a sensual cuddle, but a cuddle none the less, and it stirred up inside me exactly what I needed! Being a single mom, a Dakini, having a Healing Practice and little time to myself, it is imperative that I make the time to have a personal life for myself, and going to this event was the start of something amazing!

Check out my classes that will be offered at http://www.sensualeducator.com/Classes.html

Love to everyone!

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