Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Clearing The Energy Body

There are many tools and paths to clearing the energy body, but what's most important is that you use the tools available. Most don't know the value of clearing the energy body, let alone, how one goes about doing it. Clearing the Energy Body, is a celebration and a renewal to the real self that is sitting and waiting for you to awaken.

Many practices mentioned on this website are excellent ways of clearing the energy body; such as chakra clearing and balancing, IET, all types of Reiki, and energy healing, meditation, and breathwork. Other tools are emotional release work, massage therapy, and yoga.

When one clears the energy body, they can connect to the wave of bliss waiting inside themselves and as the outside awakens to the inside, the inside then merges back out again with the outside. The energy of the entire person then flows in a spiral from the internal to the external; the physical body, to the energetic body, the feeling of touch to the skin, to the senses of ones energy and auric field all around them. The whole person then experiences a wave of bliss and love and a connection to all that is, is achieved.

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