Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Updating Updates - The Joy of Full Expression!

Hello fellow tantrikas, and pursuers on the path! I have been adding to my website AwakenToLiving like it was my own flesh and blood. After completing the Landmark Curriculum for Living, my desire of full expression has fully manifested in my long time desire of writing! I have updated many things on my site, added deeper descriptions for potential understanding, a more thorough outline of the style of healing I desire offering, and have tapped into allowing for expression in types of techniques I have offered all along, but never had the words for.

You are welcome to read all of my updates, only those on the Awaken To Bliss page, or just browse as you feel so inspired.

I have been evolving as a person and in doing so, my insight as a Practitioner is accelerating, becoming more professional, and given me the space to see what is important to me, what is not, and given me room to offer a bigger picture of what this work is truly about.

I have taken on this path, which started in 1996, and used it to expand my psychic and intuitive gifts, then studied extensively different modalities of massage, and then merged these basic principals as well as important and advanced ones, with the very dark and confused understanding of Tantra. My goal is to educate others in the power of healing on all of these levels, and with my commitment to this work, I hope to not only give people a sense of relief in a one time moment, but to help them start a journey of empowerment, deep love, and ignite the possibility of a spiritual awakening!

All my Love to you,


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