Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Cross Between Spirituality and Sexuality

Tantra is a spiritual practice, with being fully open and accepting of all parts of ourselves. The only reason Tantra is called Tantra is because it encompasses all levels of our being. Tantra engages anyone who chooses to embark on the intense and advanced practice to enhance any level you are in presently, and empowers and accelerates your spiritual growth. It is not meant for those seeking it to stay stagnant. It is exactly the opposite. Tantra is not about sex. Tantra is about love and embracing the light within you to intensify your ability to feel all sensations on all levels, but there is no way anyone can truly feel in touch with all sensations and be open to all levels of their being without doing the work it takes to detox and cleanse oneself of their karma, their stresses, their unhealthy programming, their traumas or past history of abuse. However, it is possible to feel a tantra awakening and still be unhealed of these past experiences. With awareness, anything is possible. My intention for you is to be fully vulnerable, fully real, and honest about what you are going through or have gone through and embark on a journey with me to explore all levels of your being and create an experience that will uplift you, enlighten you, and empower you to live life and look at life in a whole new way!

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