Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Importance of The Spirit Body Connection

The Spiritual Energetic Body is just as important as our passionate desires of the physical body. Our energy being carries as much energy in it as does our passions and needs for life. And in fact, they are one in the same. Our spiritual centers carry messages and memories in them, that if not cleansed, nurtured or healed, affect us for the rest of our lives. Our energy or spiritual body carries with us the remainder of what physically happened to us in the past, and how our emotional body and mental body processed the information. What we get left with days, weeks, and even years after an event happened is the result of the stress that remains with us from before, and as a result, it stays in our vibrational system that can either make us sick, create unhealthy patterns in our life, or can even cause diseases, or cancers.

Most people just accept life as it happens, and choose to move on ignoring the event that happened to us. Then all of a sudden, you are caught in a trap of a cycle that eludes you and takes control over your life. An example is: you and your wife argue all the time. You come to disagreements in almost every conversation. You haven't gotten to the bottom of why these arguments happen and both people feel unloved, unappreciated, unaccepted and invalidated as a person. Then your hormones increase and you want to make love, but your wife is uninterested because of all the arguments you had, or you are no longer turned on because you are tired of fighting. Then nothing gets accomplished and neither persons needs are met. The relationship becomes stagnant and distant. Another example is: you are working at a job where you give up your life to take care of others. You end up, in a sense, giving up yourself and ultimately giving up your identity. You start out by being exhausted all the time. You have no time for a social life because all you want to do is rest when you are alone. Your children never see you. Your husband or wife starts getting used to you never being around, and you loose the connection you worked so hard to achieve. Eventually you start getting other symptoms that could lead to a heart attack, a stroke, a nervous breakdown, migraines, or worse a form of cancer.

There are many examples I could use, however, the point is that we all carry energy from our past, be it an hour before, a week before, or a month before. And the most powerful way of creating a sacred connection with the one you love, or your tantra practitioner, is to either cleanse your energy before coming to the session, or doing a form of cleansing ritual while you are in session before getting started in the Tantra or Sexual Healing work. The connection is much more powerful when both people are clear of anything in the past, and even more so when they are both in a high vibration of spiritual love. When there is a repeated pattern of separation in a relationship, it is best to seek therapy, as well as do the energy clearing before connecting to making love, but the connection is stronger the more you can be rid of what happened from the past. Being in the moment truly means being free of anything that's keeping you, your mind or your body out of the present moment.

The best ways to cleanse ones energy is through meditation, energy clearing practices, any other forms of energy healing, yoga, acupuncture, and many others. If you are interested in a more Spiritual & Psycho-therapeutic form of healing not mentioned on this site, please contact me and we will discuss options. These sessions are not tantric and have no intention other than your health, wellness, energy balancing and psychological growth.

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