Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this terminology, however, as a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher, IET Advanced Healer, Frequency Balancing Practitioner, Axiotonal Alignment Practitioner and igili Angel Healer, there is no way I can avoid telling you the power of increasing your vibration, or offering to teach it. Even more, I cannot possibly ignore that I have this wealth of knowledge to offer you, and sit back sharing nothing and keeping it hidden. That would be selfish of me. This information is like a goldmine of abundance of bliss and peacefulness that can be harnessed and created from within your own body vehicle, and I will do everything I can to share this information with my clients, offer you these practices to achieve these states of bliss and peacefulness and continue to show you my love by accepting where you are in your journey. Please don't pass up the opportunity to receive a Healing Session from me. I know you all love Tantra and want to experience the benefits of increased pleasure, but without the increase of your vibration, you'll never know what you are missing.

Increasing your vibrational frequency is increasing your access to the divine and your ability to be truly present in the moment. It is removing the weight around your body and gaining access to the light being that you were born into on this planet. It is a way to connect to your soul and your angelic nature. It is when you feel at one with all things and all of life. It is your natural self, free of all limitations, purified of your ego, your needs and desires, and your innocent gentleness returning to you. It is when your physical body and your spiritual body intertwine and you feel weightless to life and there is no separation between your body and the space all around you. It is truly a living experience of bliss in your body now!

Please see SacredPathofTantra.com and try one of my Energy Healing Sessions as soon as you can. You've never experienced anything like it. My personal favorites: IET, Frequency Balancing, Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki and Axiotonal Alignments. You also may love the energetic bodywork of Jin Shin Do and Shiatsu. But in order to truly appreciate these types of sessions, you'll have to come with no expectations, knowing these are non-tantra sessions, and expect nothing but an increase in your energy vibration, your overall health and well being and deeper peace within yourself. We will get to the Tantra Session, either later in the session, or at a time that feels right. The end result is you'll start opening your energy channels and bring in a higher vibration of love.

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