Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our Energy Bodies

How subtle our energy bodies are when we look outside of ourselves at another human being without saying a word, and suddenly that someone looks our way and notices how amazing they feel just by gazing upon us. No words were spoken - the only thing that based their decision to reach out to us was how they felt. It was their intuition that guided them to choose to be open to us, or to walk away. That intuition was their energy body communicating to your energy body in such a way that it felt safe, or familiar, or exciting. Nothing else made them know that they would like you, or be comfortable with you. All they know is what they felt.

Everyone's energy body is speaking a different language. We are all at different vibrations radiating different levels of frequency and energy that goes out into the universe and the universe, or others, respond accordingly. All people on the planet are attracted to other based on their energy body. They energy body speaks many languages. We are all carrying certain energies that match our beliefs, our history, our traumas, our desires and our fears. Most people on the planet are intuitive; some more so than others. However, the more open our energy body's are to positive and healthy vibrations, the more we will attract positive and healthy individuals in our lives. Often as we expand and heal, others close to us will as well. And those who do not, that we cherish and love, who stay stagnant, sometimes will be left behind as our energies will then travel on different passages since the attraction and compatibility changes.

To achieve a state of bliss, you must be ready - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. When you can learn to expand your spiritual body, cleansing it, purifying it, then your physical body will be ready to move on to gaining access to the bliss that awaits you underneath the (what I like to call) energetic clutter. All levels of your being are important, and before you can awaken your kundalini power; to your tantric and blissful essence, your spiritual body must be ready to achieve it.

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