Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Understand You Think It's Important to cleanse my energy, but I still just don't get it

The Spiritual Body carries memories in it, and almost anyone who has any bit of intuition can feel how you are feeling. If you come in with a load of baggage from a days amount of stress or a years amount of stress, it can be felt, and the best and most amazing feeling of connection to have with another is when that weight of stress is minimized or eliminated completely.

When you go on vacation and get away from your problems you can feel the opening and peacefulness all around you. When you surround yourself around others who take your mind off of your stresses, you can forget the problem, but the problem is still there waiting for you to return to. One tiny little memory can take you back to the exact thing that you are totally frustrated or unhappy with, and the weight of stress sits right back on your shoulders again.

It is not easy to cleanse one's spiritual body, especially in a private 2 hour session, however, getting started is most important. Even giving it one hour to cleanse yourself, and one hour to work on the area of your desire is better than not doing it at all. Honestly, I don't want to work with others where their priority is not to evolve their spiritual bodies or awaken their consciousness on a higher level. However, if they are willing to have an open mind and learn, I am open to working with them.

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